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  1. I thought I might be able to get a good deal on this since it was on same day and they had openings. This was just $10 under the AARP rate I could get on the site. Anyway, nice hotel in good location and at least save $10. :P
  2. Tried to get Hyatt, went to $95 and did not get accepted. Then decided to try for Coast which is 3*, bid $59 and was upgraded to 3.5* at Silver Cloud.
  3. Tried downtown but could not get in at $100, switched to Bellevue and got first try at $70.
  4. Started at $70 at $5 increments. Knew I was close at $85 when it offered a special chance to try again if I add $22. Tried $89, got rejected, tried $90 and was accepted.
  5. Tried last night at $35 and $40, was not accepted. Tried tonight for two rooms at $41 and was accepted. Stayed here before, perfect place when taking a flight out in the morning.
  6. Got three rooms at Doubletree at Seattle Airport for $49 each. Tried at $42, $45, $49.
  7. Started bidding at $50, but probably due to holiday weekend I got this at $79. Gave me a counter bid at $75 to add $22, declined at tried $79.
  8. This is a great spot right across the street from Bell Square Mall. My wife is very excited! I have stayed here a few times before but the price has been much higher in the last year or so. Very nice hotel in a great location.
  9. I just got the same hotel at the same price for the same start date. See you there AKO. Started bidding at $60 in $5 increments, successful bid at $75. 1/6/08 - 1/11/08
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