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  1. at $70 received $86 counter offer. $75 rejected. $80 accepted. Bid place thru the PRICELINE link here at BB
  2. rejected $47 counter offered $57 accepted $52 Bid placed through the PRICELINE link here at BetterBidding.com
  3. Weekend Fri-Sun Accepted first bid. Hotwire $18.95 Taxes and fees $25.38
  4. 85 rejected. 90 accepted. Bid placed through PRICELINE link here at BB as ever, thank you.
  5. Bid details. 1. Rejected-Park Central, 4*, $3 bid increments up to $57 2. New bid Galleria North, 4*, $44, Rejected --Add Park Central, 4*, $47, Accepted Westin Park Central Both bids within 30 minutes of each other. Go figure.
  6. Bid placed through PRICELINE link here. Web rate $127
  7. $75 rejected. $80 accepted. bid placed through BB PRICELINE link. web site rate $139
  8. rejected 48 $10 counter offer, declined. rejected 50, 52, 54 accepted 56 4* Denver (Downtown) Hyatt Regency Convention Center, $56 Bid placed through PRICELINE link here at BB Thank you BB.
  9. first bid accepted for this Tue-Thu stay, 2 rooms. Bid placed through betterbidding.com PRICELINE link.
  10. $67 rejected PL counter offer $84. Re-bid $71 accepted. Marriott.com rate $299 Bid placed through PRICELINE link here at BB.com
  11. Add a night update: good news, bad news. --Good news: a night was added at the same property --Bad news: rate was not the original rate, but a PL 'counter offer' of $62. Although it's sure that an entirely new bid would likely have secured a $45 rate, it was not sure that it would have been the same property. Since we are two company travelers, one car, it made sense to pay the extra $17 freight.
  12. $45 first bid. Will try for add a night for the third night. bid placed throught PRICELINE link here at betterbidding.com
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