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  1. Yeah, I saw that. I'll have to talk to my friend and see what he wants to do. Just last month another friend of mine got us a room in Sheraton for $100. How times have changed!
  2. My friend wants to party there as it's his birthday, but close timing and summer nights are making it difficult. I've gone up to $200 for 3.5 or 4 stars, but no go. Hotwire's showing $323 for a 3.5. Is that close to what he may have to pay?
  3. I live downtown so it'd take me about an extra $7 by regional rail, and there's an extra fee for dropping off somewhere other than pickup location right? That's why airport doesn't really work for me.
  4. The best rate on Travelocity, etc. is $41. $25 is in the top range of what I'd like to pay. It may seem like a big difference but on weekends I can get $14-15 depending on the number of days for the rental. I've tried Dec. 6th, and 11th-14th (all one-day rentals).
  5. Just one day's fine, two's ok too. I don't intend to rent 3 days in a row, but who knows. In my experience 2-day rentals cost $1/day more, so sat+sun costs $15/day instead of $14. I don't know if it's the same w/ weekdays though. So far I've gone up to $17/day (before taxes etc) but still no go. I prefer to stay under $25, well under if possible, because that's about the rate I can get outside PL.
  6. In my experience, downtown philly rates are stable. It doesn't matter if I want something from Fri. 8pm- Sat 8pm or Sat. 4 pm-Sun. 4 pm or Sun. 9 am - Mon. 9 am. They're all the same price. I've done it dozens of times, although almost all on weekends. For this rental, I'm open to any weekdays in the first 2 weeks of Dec. The lowest price on the various sites is $41/day. There's no difference whatever the dates or times I choose, as far as I can tell. All I need is a NYOP price for a weekday rental. I think again that they're all the same. These are all off-airport rates.
  7. First off this is my first post. It seems strange no one else seems to have recently asked for help here but I read the FAQ and it says to post in the appropriate state forum, so here goes. I want to rent a car (economy's just fine) on a weekday in early December. In my experience weekend rates for Name-Your-Own-Price are the same at $14/day from after Labor Day to sometime in May. but the only time I rented on a weekday it costs $26, back in Aug. This is all before taxes and fees. Does anyone know what the rate is for weekdays right now?
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