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  1. Sheraton Suites, Tampa Airport 3/10/12 - 3/11/12 $57, $70.05 with taxes and fees Amenities: Suite Shuttle Smoke Free Fitness Pool Restaurant High Speed Internet Used the HOTWIRE link To answer the question in the previous win for this hotel, yes, the fitness amenity is there.
  2. Will cover the new "Top Secret Hotels" by Travelocity? This new service works a lot like Hotwire.
  3. Parking is expensive but there are no resort fees according to the photo gallery page.
  4. 2 adults 2 children Hotel rate per night: $86.00 Nights: 4 Rooms: 1 Subtotal: $344.00 Tax recovery charges and fees: $52.62 Total price: $396.62 Hotel Amenities: Pool Restaurant Laundry Accurately predicted by BetterBidding. Used the betterbidding HOTWIRE link to make reservation.
  5. I thought the Golden Nugget was unusual but now that you mention Harrah's and Planet Hollywood, I'll have to be more careful. Your suggestion to try with 3 people is interesting. I have never thought about it. Unfortunately, when I tried for a trip next week, the Golden Nugget disappears on HOTWIRE when you go from 2 to 3 people in the room.
  6. I'm aware of the Priceline policy to only guarantee a room for 2. I use PRICELINE all the time to book a room for my family (2 adults/2 children). I never had any problems. I saved so often that I'm willing to take the risk to pay extra one day. This time is different because it would be the first time I would bid on a hotel that charges extra for the 3rd and 4th person in the room, regardless of age. Does anybody have experience with winning the Las Vegas Golden Nugget for 4 people in 1 room? Did you have to pay the $20/person fee at check-in in accordance with the PRICELINE policies? Were you charged any other fees? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for fixing the title. Should there be a "3*" in front?
  8. I won this hotel for $75 on Priceline for the same dates but now my dad is coming with us and we need another room. It was easier to go through HOTWIRE to get the same hotel even though the PRICELINE price must have gone down. The listing is slightly different than on the Hotwire hotel list. Now it says: 3* Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business I used the BetterBidding HOTWIRE link.
  9. I was monitoring this trip on HOTWIRE and the price dropped from above $200 down to $149 then $99. This was the signal to try on PRICELINE. First bet at $70 was rejected, then I added Elizabeth at $75. My second bet was accepted. This is for two rooms from Sat Aug 2 to Mon Aug 4 2008. I used the betterbidding PRICELINE link to make my bet. The Harborside Club on the ground floor of the Harborside Financial Center is closed over the week-end. We love to eat cheap breakfast there. We'll be able to go on Monday morning.
  10. Indeed the rate in the off season is much lower. For example, the HOTWIRE rate for Tue Sept 16 2008 is $59 compared to $84 on the hotel website if paid in advance.
  11. $123 Two rooms for 3 nights in Lake George, 4 adults 4 children, free hot breakfast, free High Speed Internet, separate indoor and outdoor pools. We had to go through HOTWIRE because we could have been assigned the Queensbury hotel on Priceline and it had no availability for 4 people in a room. I was able to guess which hotel it was based on the amenities and the TripAdvisor rating. Wingate by Whyndham Lake George Breakfast, Fitness, Pool, Business, High Speed Internet Access 2 room(s) @ $123.00 per night x 3 night(s) = $738.00 Tax recovery charge and fees:$80.70 Total: $818.70 On the hotel web site, the advance purchase rate is $169.15, with grand total $1,126.54 We saved 27% but we are guaranteed room for 8 people.
  12. I tried up to $120 for a 4* to no avail. My bid for $75 3* Downtown was also rejected. When I added Sainte-Foy, I got 3* Hotel Les Gouverneurs on first try. Maybe I should have tried lower instead of taking Priceline Winner's Board at face value. That weekend is between the Quebec's National Holiday (June 24) and Canada's National Holiday (July 1). The four centenial celebrations are in full swing. The big outdoor multimedia show is playing from June 20 to July 28. Your Offer Price: $75.00 (US dollars) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $150.00 (US dollars) Taxes & Service Fees: $30.73 (US dollars) Total Charges: $180.73 (US dollars) Used PRICELINE link at BB homepage
  13. You are still only guaranteed accomodations for 4 but chances are they will give you two rooms with two beds. You can call ahead to make special requests. This is much wiser than trying to squeeze 8 in a room for 6. Fire code regulations forbid going above max occupancy even if the babies don't take much room. I bet room service can easily spot something is fishy the first time they clean the room. If you get caught, the hotel would have no other choice but to force you to reserve another room or evict you.
  14. I am suprised. I was treated very well when I went on my trip July 8 to 10 (for which I paid $65). I had two rooms and they found a pair of connecting rooms for us. We had to wait till 4PM to have the room keys though. The clerk knew I had paid with Priceline. She said she did not have access to the rate we paid. The actual rate shown appeared as *** The parking was under construction. There were only 2 floors in operation, the rest were blocked off. The self-park is $16 with no re-entry privileges. If you pay $19, you can self-park and come in and leave as often as you want. Valet parking was a couple bucks more and it also gives in and out privileges. On the final day, you can stay until the time of your check-in. I left (knowingly) 4 hours later and ended paying $11 more. There is no resort fee or local tax beyond that. Maybe the $5 you were charged is the $3 fee for self-park re-entry (plus tax). It can also be the in-room coffee which apparently costs $3 per cup. I did not take a chance and went to the restaurants above the garage and paid my coffee $1.50 instead. My total bill was: $19 + tax = $21.60 per day.
  15. Thanks for the info. Note the hotel name is Hilton Bonaventure.