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  1. Right now, on Hotwire, there is a 4 star hotel in Midtown East for $364 a night. It includes a fitness center, restaurant, and tennis nearby. Do you know what this hotel is? Do youu think that it is worth the cost? I currently have a reservation held at the Hotel Giraffe for $469 the first night and $329 the second night. We are coming 12/15 to 12/17. Thanks for your help!!
  2. 1) At Vatican City in Italy, we took a Scavi tour to see Peter's actual burial site beneath St. Peter's basillica! Awesome! 2) Can't wait to snorkle on the Australian barrier reefs!
  3. I am need of your assistance. Just learned that we will be in NYC on 12/15 to 12/17. Prices are sky high because I have waited so long. I prefer to stay in Midtown E or W. Is it realistic to want a 3.5 star for around $200 a night? I appreciate your help!