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  1. thanks for the tips. I am flying into LGA and am renting a car. I printed out directions from Mapquest to get to the hotel in Secaucus and it takes me straight driving into Manhattan and through it. Is there a better/easier way to go to get to Secaucus from LGA? I don't have much experience driving in heavy traffic like I've been told there is. I'm not as concerned with "the quickest way"....much more the easiest and least traffic way.
  2. Thanks for all your help. I am very happy with the outcome! The hotels website makes this hotel look pretty nice. :) Any suggestions on how to get to the ChinaTown area from this hotel? and about how long it would take? And Rockefeller center?
  3. I just got done bidding on priceline and I got myself a hotel for 12/2 - 12/9 I bid $75 for a 3* in the secaucus/North Bergen and got rejected and then bid again and went to a 2 1/2* with $75. I ended up getting... Hyatt Place Secaucus Secaucus - North Bergen 575 Park Plaza Drive Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $75.00 Subtotal: $525.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $94.94 Total Charges*: $619.94
  4. I do want to try and get one of the extended stay hotels. I think it would be most convienent for us. I have never bid on priceline before so any help would be appreciated. I saw on the priceline page that someone got what I wanted for $65 a night.....which would be perfect. Any help/suggestions in trying to get the same thing? thank you.
  5. thank you again for your help. I actually went to the Howard Johnson site that the list above says it might be in Clifton and its $65-$75 a night booking it right from there. Hotwire has it listed as a "best value" option as a 2* for $63 a night. I guess my opinion tells me that it would prob not be the Howard Johnson since its just a few $$'s difference from booking it through the actual hotel and hotwire. I really want to get one of the extended stay hotels so maybe I will go with your suggestion and try through priceline and see what I can come up with....and I know its not guaranteed what I will get there either. From the actual Extended hotel websites its around $95 (plus fees/taxes) a night for a 1 week stay...I tried 3 different ones. One in Secaucus, one in Rutherford and 1 in E Rutheford. Would it be beneficial since its about 5 weeks away to wait or do think it would make any difference?
  6. Any idea how more likely it might be one of the first 2 that you listed? I looked at some of the Howard Johnson in Clifton reviews and it doesn't sound like a very clean place. I would be happy getting either of the first 2 extended stay places, just a lil worried about getting the HJ. I'm not picky about other amenities or "fancy" stuff. Do Priceline and Hotwire do the same star rating? Priceline lists the Howard Johnson hotels as 1* hotels and not 2* hotels. I do plan on going into NYC so I will have more stories to tell other than Secaucus =) thank you again for your help.
  7. Yes I am planning on having a car. I can get one off hotwire for 19.99 a day from the EWR airport. there are just 2 people in our party. My friend will need easy access daily to NYC for work. From what i've heard secaucus has some malls that should keep me busy during the day so I won't need to try and head into NYC all by myself. With trying to keep my hotel in the budget of $60-$65 a night this seems like a pretty good deal but if anyone has info/suggestions I would gladly take it. Would I maybe be able to get a better deal with the bidding option on priceline? thanks for help. :)
  8. I am trying to book a hotel using hotwire in Secaucus NJ area for Dec 2nd - Dec 9th. Hotwire gives me a 2 star hotel for $64 per night with just a Laundry Icon showing and nothing else. They say its in the Secaucus - Meadowlands area. I am just wondering if anyone has any idea what hotel this might be? I do not know the area at all as I am from Nebraska. There is also a 3 star hotel located in the Fortlee/hackensack area for $59 per night. The icons it shows are Fitness area, pool, restaurant and Internet. From the map I was looking at there did not seem to be a huge distance between these to area's but I am looking for info as to which area might be a better stay for convience to getting to the NYC area for our vacation trip. thank you.
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