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  1. This is for February 24, 2006 for one night pre-cruise. Hotwire identities this as 3* with the following, beachfront, restaurant, pool, fitness ctr, business ctr, laundry. The price is $146.00. Sounds like Sheraton Yankee Clipper what do you think? Most hotels are sold out as there must be something big going on in the area.
  2. As a homeowner in Marco Island there is only three major hotels there. They are Marriott, Raddison, and Hilton. They are all on the beach. All have beach front rooms but are premium prices. They also have beach view rooms which I believe will satisfy you. The Radisson and Hilton are extended out on the sides and they consider all of their rooms beach view. You will have a view but not a full view. Priceline lists a 2* and I would not no where that would be as there really aren't any more hotels there. The only ones I can think of a very small independent hotels. It seems as the Radisson comes up mostly on Priceline but mostly there rooms are suites but usually on Priceline they give you just a regular room which are very nice. Good luck in bidding. It is really hot there in July but beautiful. Shouldn't be that crowded.
  3. The date is December 4-5, 2004. Well I accepted the offer and it is Holiday Inn Select at 595 Hotel Circle South, San Diego. I am really disappointed and can't believe they would consider a Holiday Inn a 3 1/2* hotel. This is total misrepresentation. Has anyone stayed at this hotel and how is it? It sounds as though they have recently remodeled but I probably won't end up using the reservation now that I feel it is not the quality they stated it was. I doubt if I ever use hotwire again. Any suggestion on how to get out of this as I feel I was lied to.
  4. Does anyone know what hotel this might be? The amenities are restaurant, pool, fitness, and laundry. I am checking for a pre-cruise stay and it came up customer favorite and best value for $68.00. There is large convention going on then so a lot of hotel are sold out. Sure would like to have a clue which this is? THanks
  5. I have a home on Marco Island and you are really lucky you got the Marriott. It is a beautiful resort and the best on the island. It is patterned after the one in Hawaii. Hawii is the original theme of the island when developed. There is construction going on at the resort as part was torn down and is being built into condos. They start around 2 million each. Have a great time in Paradise. If you are looking for some great restaurants here are two of our personal favorites. Old Marco Pub and Steakhouse which is Italian and is heavenly. For seafood try Cafe de Marco. Good luck.
  6. Well back to bidding for my post-cruise stay. Since my Norway cruise got cancelled I am going on Holland American Zuiderdam. Thanks for your prior advise as I am currently writing a letter about my lost reservation. We fly in and out of Fort Lauderdale airport and the ship goes in and out of the same. I decided to bid on Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami. I would like to get the resort Marriott Harbor Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale Beach or Westin Diplomat in Hollywood. I checked the prices on their web-sites for September 27-28 and the Marriott is $189.00 and the Westin was $165.00. This is supposed to be the off season but the prices don't reflect that. Sticking with a Resort (I don't believe they give you a 4* on this one do they?) the rebids zones are Fort Lauderdale Downtown, Fort Lauderdale Airport, Fort Lauderdale North, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, and Miramar. What would your strategy be? Thanks for your help.
  7. If is a different cruise line. NCL who owns the Norway is offering people who had bookings a $50.00 onboard credit if they book again in the next year. That to me is an insult as I have to pay alot more money to go on Holland America. I did talk to the cruise line regarding my hotel charges and they said to submit the bill and they would take it into consideration but only offering $50.00 for being displaced is nothing I am sure they won't care about my lost money on a hotel. They will probably say if I had booked with them I would have not had to pay. I also would have paid three times as much to get a hotel with them. If I would have bought trip cancellation with Priceline for the $5.00 would it have taken care of this? I'm not sure as it is not my fault but the cruise line. Any other suggestions?
  8. Well my Norway cruise was cancelled and I am now booking on the Holland America Zuiderdam but my problem is it leaves on the day we were supposed to stay at the Omni. We are going to need a hotel the day we arrive back from the cruise. Is there any advice you can give me as to what I might do to switch this reservation so we don't lose our money? I called Priceline yesterday and told them the story and they were no sympathetic and said basically "too bad" I then called the hotel and left a voice mail message for the manager explaining the situation. I have not heard back from him as of yet. Maybe I could Priceline again if anyone has had any luck with this situation. Does anyone know who I can talk to to get anything going on this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't want to lose $230.00. Thanks.
  9. Well we tried again with Alachua and bid $57.00 and $65.00 and still denied. I guess we can wait 72 hours but the Holiday Inn will probably be the best option. Any other ideas?
  10. Well I tried $45.00 and was rejected and then my daughter has her own account and she tried $50.00 and was rejected. I was wondering if you think Alachua, Florida would be a rebid. I have looked up hotels on Travelocity and Expedia for Alachua and no 3* come up. Alachua is the other option on Priceline besides Gainesville. If not we will wait the 72 hours and try again. Thanks.
  11. He will definately not want the 2* star as their are too many choices. He doesn't know where he would end up. He needs to be close to the University of Florida. If he doesn't get something on a bid for priceline then he would probably stay where he stayed last year at the Holiday Inn at the rate of $69.33 a night. What should I bid on priceline? Thanks.
  12. What would be the strategy on bidding for Priceline. Thanks.
  13. Sorry about the additional post. Would you have any idea what the 2* on Hotwire would be. Thanks
  14. This is for my daughters friend who has to go to the race as it has something to do with his job. Last year he stayed at the Holiday Inn and I looked up the rates and the special internet rates are $69.33 per night. I also don't know if he wants me to bid a second time or just try once and see what happens. What is your strategy? Thanks for your help.
  15. Looking for a hotel in the Gainesville, Florida area and you list two hotels at 3*. They are the Doubletree and the Sheraton. They are both coming up on the websites as $149.00 a night. The date is May16-18 and their is a NHRA Import Race held during that week-end. I'm not sure if that is a bid draw or not. Their is also no rebid zones that I am aware of. What should I bid as it looks as I only get one shot. Thanks for your help.
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