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  1. Bid $42,$48,$54 - final bid accepted. Same hotel is offered on Hotwire (pretty sure it's the same place) for $59.
  2. Won on first bid at $38 - probably should have started lower and been more patient!
  3. Bid 75, 85, 95... hit on my last free rebid. It sounds like a nice place!
  4. I also won this hotel for 2 nights in Sept... looking forward to your review! I probably should have tried something lower since I was bidding so far in advance, but I went ahead and bid $38 and won.
  5. Had been trying for weeks to get a 3*, decided to settle for 2.5*, bid up to $64 at that level with no luck. Started at $45 for the 2* and hit on the first try... So I may have been able to win this at a lower price! I'm happy anyways... Seems like a fine place at a reasonable price.
  6. Started at $35, offered a free rebid for a $9 increase, used Lincoln Park as a truly free rebid and won at $38. Go Sox!! Also - I originally tried for 4* and bid up to $66 with no luck...
  7. Started at $95, offered an immediate rebid by priceline if I raised my bid $22 (to $117), refused and used my first free rebid (added upper east side) to go to $105 (leaving 1 more - upper west side - to go to my max of $110). $105 bid accepted!
  8. Bid $61, offered immediate rebid if I raised bid by $17, turned that down. Added Champs-Elysees and rebid $66. Bid accepted!
  9. Room for 2 nights - 4/20-22. Started at $62 in Kensington - counter offered at $89. Added Vauxhall, bid $75 - no go. Added Hammersmith (NOT a free rebid, but the one 4* I knew about looked reasonable), bid $81 - accepted.
  10. Great advice - wotif was great for cheap rooms during the off-season. We got a beautiful hotel in Cairns for a very reasonable price. And the Sydney Harbour Marriott at $75/night from priceline was amazing!
  11. I got this hotel for 4 nights (2 separate stays of 2 nights each) at the same price ($75/night). $72 was rejected on one of the stays (successful rebid of $75 three days later), so I think $75 is probably as low as it goes... The dates I got are: 8/23-8/25 and 9/2-9/4.
  12. Thanks for the info in THIS THREAD I got the same hotel 1 day earlier (11/14). $46 was rejected, but they accepted $51. I'm happy!
  13. No - I put in tons of bids before this one hit... I think I was going up by $5 per bid at this point, so the minimum must be between 85 and 90. I was actually hoping for the MTE area (had selected several others to get more rebids since I was flexible), but was a little disapponted after reading reviews of this hotel. I've stayed at 2 star hotels that seemed nicer than this one reportedly is. Also note that you can book this hotel on Yahoo for like $120, so it's a decent price, but nothing to write home about.
  14. Plus $18.41 Taxes + Service Fees From reading the reviews, it doesn't sound like a 3-star... Oh well, hopefully it won't be too horrible.
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