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  1. Didn't go with the HOTWIRE offer that was lkely the Wyndham. Found a good rate at the Best Western Plus Austin Airport booked via to take advantage of a RR Point promo. I could not find a affiliate link for But I always look and use the links like I did for the AUS Hotwire/LaQuinta Win that I have thrown away and the Ft. Lauderdale Priceline Car rental win Just for the record the price was $85 + tax for approximately $97 and change total comes with a full hot breakfast and a 4 out of 5 Trip Advisor review and its new
  2. It's been 3 years so I'm not totally sure but I believe I stayed at the Hilton Chicago on a promotion for $99 a night
  3. Need help IDing a hotel in the South Austin Zone 3.5* $80 FULL AMENITIES: Free parking, Free Internet, Pet friendly, Airport shuttle, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Golf nearby, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility I believe this to be the Wyndham Garden Hotel Austin but need a second opinion so I know that I am not missing anything.
  4. Started out at $13 per day FULL SIZE Priceline Counteroffered with $16 Being that it was only $15.42 difference in total price I accepted it Cheapest I could find it on the retail side was $370 for a known name brand (or $243 if you include SIXT). So I'm very happy with my results USED PRICELINE link Glad it wasn't SIXT
  5. Ok, so I checked out SIXT Ft. Lauderdale and either people love them or hate them very few it was ok. Since its 3.8 out 5 on google I'll chance it. Only bad thing is that because FLL has a rental car center, off site rental agencies require 2 shuttles to get there. I will most likely just Uber direct from the terminal. It will cost $10 each way but it will be worth it. I'm going to start a clean thread for my bidding.
  6. Priceline now partners with SIXT for rental car bidding. I've heard a fair number of bad reviews about SIXT but I don't see any winning bids on the site with SIXT. Has anyone gotten SIXT when bidding for a rental car?? I'm looking for a full size in FLL so if anyone has any expperience with that location it would be great. Questioning whether I can still use Priceline NYOP in cities that have a SIXT anymore.
  7. Amenities Free parking Free breakfast Free Internet Pet friendly Airport shuttle Fitness center Pool(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Accessible Bathroom Accessible Parking
  8. USED the HOTWIRE link La Quinta Inn & Suites Austin Airport 7625 East Ben White Blvd. Austin, TX 78741 Check In: September 20, 2016 Check Out September 21, 2016 85% recommended Amenties Free breakfast Free Internet Pet friendly Airport shuttle Fitness center Pool(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Not happy with my purchase hotel is $119 per night if I booked directly and based on my search of the Hotwire retail side with all the amenities The LaQuinta never showed up. But it does have all the amenties and has the proper Trip Advisor rating so I guess I can't complain but I was not expecting what I got. Hopefully others will have more info when booking
  9. After many days starting from $856 at Budget I was able to pick up a full sixe car at Alamo in MCO for $408.61 Pickup: 1/25/14 Drop Off: 2/19/14 Location: MCO-Orlando International Airport FL Base Rate: $271.52 Taxes: $137.09 Total: $408.61 Alamo Insiders 10% discount and Coupon for $25 off weekly of $175 or more. I originally tried with PRICELINE.
  10. Yesterday I was able to get a retail reservation with Alamo for $10.87 a day plus taxes $408.61 all-in (Equivalent of $8 a day on Priceline). Thats going to be my final attempt as the rental is for tommorrow and prices have gone up from yesterday.
  11. Just to update for those who might be looking at similar dates, price has continued to go down, now have a backup reservation at Dollar for $13.77 a day $493.70 all-in (equivalent of roughly $11 a day on priceline). I guess whatever was increasing the rate before didn't pan out as far as rentals go. Will continue bidding on Priceline, can't hurt in these final days before the rental.
  12. Interesting thing I just noticed, rates can be different with different times. On HOTWIRE I put in 1/25 700pm to 2/19 7:00pm and I get $21.95 a day 1/25 700pm to 530pm gets me $18.95 a day. Perhaps this also works for bids being accepted on Priceline. Guess you should always experiment with times (provided they are roughly around your arrival and departure times) on Hotwire and then use the best times to bid on PRICELINE.
  13. Yesterday I was able to get a cheaper backup reservation at Budget for a total of $650.11 all-in (the PRICELINE equivilant of $16 a day with all taxes and fees). Don't expect to get any cheaper as Hotwire isn't showing a opaque rate only a retail $20.69 ($693.77 all in) for Alamo. Will continue to bid on PRICELINE though just incase. Will continue to use the link for PRICELINE NYOP.
  14. In this case you did indeed save money (about $10) vs HOTWIRE but just a word of advice always look at the total w/taxes sometimes a $22 HOTWIRE rental can be cheaper than an $18 PRICELINE rental.