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  1. Tried again today. Jordaan - Canal Belt West - Ann Frank House - bid $78 - fail add Royal Palaca - Central Station - Dam Square - upped bid to $81 - fail add Canal Belt East - Plantage - bid $85 - fail. We'l try again another day.
  2. Good point - thanks. The areas were, all selected on the one try,: Jordaan - Canal Belt West - Ann Frank House Royal Palaca - Central Station - Dam Square Canal Belt East - Plantage I'd like to keep a 4* at $80-85. Next time I'll try doing the areas adding one each time. Rusty at bidding. Regards, Emptynesters
  3. There seems to be a paucity of information about AMS bids recently. I'll post my tries as I go along. This AM I tried, using the Priceline link (up, right, if you're looking for it) for a 4* in the 3 central areas for $78. Priceline's warning was $170. Likely will try again tomorrow a little higher. Regards, Emptynesters
  4. Use the PRICELINE link. Bid ^69 for a 2.5 star, rejected with a 'you can bid again now if you bid $78', did so, got the room for tonight. Usurious taxes and fees added an additional $20.78. Still saved 21%. Amenities: Free Breakfast Pet Friendly Outdoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Handicap Accessible Business Center
  5. Adding the the usurious taxes and fees of $16.83, the total is $38.83. Tried $19 and $21 on other car levels (full, mid) prior to the win. HOTWIRE total on the same car would have been $45. Did use the PRICELINE link to get to Priceline for this one. PRICELINE was encouraging bids of about $5 higher for the re-bids on the cars for which I was rejected. Thanks to the BB staff and everyone who posts wins and rejects here - the intel helps us all. Regards, Mr. Emptynesters. (I formatted the post as the car rental area does not seem to have the 'post a win' button that the hotels do.)
  6. Actual price after taxes et al came to $80 (resort fee!). Ended up Hotwiring after multiple Priceline attempts at $80 for the Museumquarter-Vondelpark. This one showed as freewifi and business center. 4.0 Tripadvisor and 95% Hotwire recommended.
  7. The Emptynesters used the PRICELINE link but got wimpy and selected a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for the Quartier Latin - we got deux rooms at the Hotel Cardinal (was hoping for Acte V) at an advertised rate of $82/night. Total cost, w/trip protection ($5/room/night) was $100 per night per room. Merci BetterBidding! Amenities were bed choice, free internet, and non-smoking. Ended up with petit dejeuner gratis too! Mrs. Emptynesters had a strong preference for the Latin Quarter and a hotel tout de suite (immediately)... Mr. Emptynesters would have been bidding on 4-stars around there, but why irritate the Mrs. when you don't have to.
  8. Used the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links: Bids on 1/27 4* Latin $110 - rejected Add Opera East $115 – rejected Add St. Germain $118 – rejected Hotwire – Opera Quarter – 3* - $111 – bought - got the Hotel Acte V. Saved about $20/nite. We've done better, but Mrs. Emptynesters gets antsy if we don't have a room and she likes the Latin Quarter. When the Mrs. is happy, everyone is happy... Intel on Paris hotel prices is kind of sparse. Remember folks - post your wins and your rejected bids. Thanks. P.S. - There's not Latin Quarter option for Hotwire so I got as close as I could.
  9. See prior win from today also. Went to Betterbidding again, used the PRICELINE link. Mr. Emptynesters bid $61 this time and a win. Still forks (restaurant) as amenity. They do have free wifi, but it's just OK, not blindingly fast. I do recommend the property. Heel groete!
  10. Looked at Better Bidding, saw likely on NH AMS Centre near $60. Used the PRICELINE link, bid $58, rejected. Mrs. Emptynesters then used the PRICELINE link, logged in and bid $61 - win! Thanks Betterbidding. Amenity shown was forks (restaurant).
  11. Checked Better Bidding, HOTWIRE, and PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals first. Used Express Deal for $62. Thanks Better Bidding.
  12. Bid in AM for stay today. Checked Better Bidding, Hotwire, and Priceline Express Deals first. Initial bid for 2.5* was $42, Priceline came back with a 'one time only' bid $52 now and I took it. The $52 was the same price as the Express Deal and my suspicion is that it was the same hotel. Thanks Better Bidding.
  13. A number of failed bids led Mrs. Emptynesters to a mild panic (London! Summer! No rooms!) so we went with the Express Deal. (Mr. Emptynesters would have kept bidding for a new more days!). I'll try to post the bidding history, but did fail in that area for a 4 star in the $65-72 range. Successful 'Express Deal' was made on Saturday, 4/27. We did use th ple link. Thanks everybody for posting wins and losses - good intel means good bidding.
  14. Used the BetterBidding PRICELINE link. I may have had a failed bid the day before - I'll look at my log and try to update this later if I did. At any rate this is about 1/2 the advertised rate.
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