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  1. Used the Reveal Hotels Link from this site -- predicted it would be Hilton (which it was!). Columbus Day Weekend, so a little pricey, but still great saving from rack rates. Amenities: Free internet Fitness center Indoor pool(s) Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms Accessibility Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible for visually impaired Been a while since I've booked a hotel, glad to see the new features.
  2. Using the "QuickQuote" Widget Above started my search. Found this PriceLine Express deal with the following amenities listed: Pets Allowed Free Parking Free Internet Was pretty certain with the "bed choice available" and selection of Bed Choices that it was again the Red Roof Inn, and was right. King Standard King Superior 2 Double Standard The only difference between Standard and Superior (having opted for Superior room last time) were these amenities which I do not need: Microwave Mini Refrigerator In-Room Coffee Work Desk Star Inflation on Priceline notwithstanding very happy with the price.
  3. Should have stated, that I started my search with the QuickQuote widget at the top of the page. 🙂
  4. Booked with "Bed Choice" available and the following full list of amenities: Accessible Room Accessible facilities Free Internet Free Internet in Public Areas Free Parking Handicap rooms Non-smoking Rooms Pets Allowed
  5. Used the "Quick Quote" tool above. Found this hotel very acceptable for the price. Total price is $95. Amenities listed: Free parking, Free breakfast, Free Internet, Pet friendly, Indoor pool(s), Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s)
  6. Using the Quick Quote widget above for PRICELINE started my search. Keyed in on this 2.5 star listed @ 43 with a bed choice. Traveling with my VT son, so needed two beds. :) Upcharge to $49 for two beds, $70 after all fees and taxes. Amenities Listed: Bed Choice Business Center Fitness Center Non Smoking Swimming Pool
  7. When I look at the amenities I see: "Free parking, Free breakfast, Free Internet, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Internet access "
  8. Using the HOTWIRE widget at the top of this screen, started my search. Was hoping for the 2.5* of Meadowlands Plaza Hotel - Secaucus Features Listed: Complimentary Free breakfastFree InternetFree parking Amenities Fitness centerRestaurant(s)Smoke-free rooms Accessibility Accessible path of travelIn-room accessibility 2.5* 85% Recommended. Research on the site helped me determine that this was the hotel I was after based on amenities. . . a hotel that I am always pleased to stay in. Total damage was $91 after the taxes & fees. Great site, infrequently used due to reduced personal travel, but still a great site!
  9. Sorry, I do NOT recall if Pets were included as an amenity on this listing. Seems to me it wasn't listed. Property address was: 750 Edwin L. Ward Hwy Cheers! W
  10. Posted for this hotel on PRICELINE EXPRESS linking from the site of course . . . Star Inflation at its finest. This is a decent 2 star place, at a 2 star price. I knew what the hotel was thanks to this board (1 of 2 in the same area) -- so gave me plenty of confidence. ($89 after all taxes and fees). Bonus was ability to select bed, in this case actually a "non smoking" room, which not all of these hotels offer via PL/PRICELINE EXPRESS. Amenities Listed: Breakfast, Free Wifi, Free Parking (free breakfast is a stretch, if you call a granola bar, a convenience store muffin and questionable apples and bananas breakfast).
  11. Using the Price.line widget above, started my search again after many unsuccessful bids in and around San Juan for $75-80 for a 3* and up. Finally relented the day before our trip and used PRICELINE EXPRESS as prices seemed to ticking up in advance of the local holidays. Amenities listed before booking were Restaurant, Internet, Pool & Gym.
  12. Inventory was low, so paid a bit more for this property than I'd like, and far from my favorite 2*, but still not a bad deal over rack room prices. Used the BiddingHelper.com.com to find the price $2 lower on quick view than on the regular HOTWIRE (and it took a couple of clicks to allow me to buy it -- kept giving me an error on hotwire's site). Amenities listed were: Free ParkingFree InternetPet friendlySelf service laundryInternet access
  13. Just my two cents on this, and not necessarily disagreeing with you, but. . . I work in the Meadowlands area and have for 15+ years. Rather than a huge commute after a long work day, I often use Priceline to get a reasonably priced hotel. One thing I definitely have noticed is that this area is affected seasonally due to the proximity to NYC. Summer time, the tourist traffic compounded with business travelers and construction workers make available inventory drop dramatically. I judge inventory based on all the sites I search -- including priceline express deals and hotwire (of course using the widgets for both from this site to start my search :). If they aren't showing a lot of those deals for hotel star ratings I expect, then I don't expect a successful bid with NYOP. It is my belief that hotels often overbook because of their easy cancellation policies, (much like the airlines, much like you and I both do with hotels). The only way they are taking your money in advance is if their actuarial models say they have EXCESS inventory for the time span in question. I believe they do not want to "fill" their hotels this time of year with low cost priceline bids, I believe they are counting on tourists, stranded airline passengers to come in and pay full price (or a premium) for their hotels. I have been at those 2*'s and seen them turn away customers because the hotel was booked, although the parking lot looked empty. (Weekly rates for the construction crews and consultants I would guess). My suspicion Chicago had a similar situation with tourists. I got no skin in this game, and not defending priceline at all, and I think NYOP is frustrating at times, (like you, I haven't even bothered recently), but after the summer, you can bet I'll be back at bidding expecting big discounts. :)
  14. After keeping an eye on the inventory, and of course ALWAYS using the Price.line widget above to start my search, booked this hotel again for a consistent price of $66, have also won the sister hotel on route 3 several times for $67. This is at least the 3rd stay at each of the two Extended Stays using "Express" -- after many successes in the spring using NYOP for another one in Secaucus @ a lower price. Seems it takes until Thursday for them to lower the PRICELINE EXPRESS prices to these values apparently holding out for full price.
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