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  1. I just read a post from a new member and he was Member #13,275. The counter at the bottom of the homepage says that the board has 10,352 members. What happened to the other 2,923? Do they fall off the rolls if they don't post after so long?
  2. I think Hotwire would work for this one. Hotwire defines the Vancouver zone differently than Priceline does. Look at Hotwire's Vancouver boundaries and you'll see that Hotwire excludes all of downtown Vancouver, which is where the Red Lion at the Quay that you don't want is located.
  3. The subject line says Seattle La Quinta but crib's post says La Quinta in Tacoma, which is a different hotel in a different city. Also this sounds like a Hotwire purchase but it's listed in the Priceline section.
  4. The Sheraton Gateway now shows up as a 4* in Priceline's vacation package product as well. When I checked last night the Sheraton was 3*.
  5. If you book the Westin St Francis through their own website they charge more for two double beds than one. Why shouldn't it be the same when you book through Priceline. Checking the Westin for January 20th: one double bed is $249, two double beds is $269, one king bed is $319.
  6. This board provides income to its moderator when users use the suggested link, just like at TOBB. I can't speak for the moderator, but I doubt he'd be any happier than TOBB's moderator was if you posted other links to Priceline here that short-circuited his commissions.
  7. Eugene-Springfield is in Oregon, not Minnesota. Were you trying to report some other Residence Inn near Minneapolis, jonmor9600?
  8. Yeah, it was a Best Value, not a Customer Favorite. This was only the second time I used Hotwire and I didn't know the difference, but now I do. I really doubt this place is any customers favorite, but it was "interesting". Amenities: Restaurant, pool, tennis, laundry. If there's a pool there I didn't see it.
  9. Plaza Hotel and Conference Center 4345 N Lincoln Blvd. Bought for $37 in Hotwire's OKC North-Nichols Hills zone. Listed as a 2* Customer Favorite (or whatever they call it). It was one of the strangest hotels I've ever stayed it. Most of the public spaces---banquet rooms, meeting rooms---look permanently abandoned. An annex building with a couple hundred hotel rooms is also closed. Place felt like the Twilight Zone.
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