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  1. Last minute booking due to a problem with another reservation. HOTWIRE had a car for $22 ($304 all in), so I tried PRICELINE for $21 ($283 all in) Best rate on the Hertz website for the same booking was $398. Thanks!
  2. Seems like the subject should not mention Cleveland, since the property is in Cincinnati. Can anyone update it?
  3. Looking for an inexpensive night at a decent place. I had a car, so did not really care about the location, as long as parking was not super expensive. Saw a deal on PRICELINE EXPRESS for a 2* for $86/night, so I started bidding around this area from 75 (received counter) and got the Sleep Inn for 80. Came up to $104 all in. Lowest price for the hotel was $119, so I got a nice 33% off. The property is good, plenty of street parking nearby, easy access to the 59th st bridge.
  4. Started at 60, got a counter offer for $79. There was a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal listed for $79, plus an offer for a 5% discount, so this gave me the ceiling for my bids. Kept adding zones, till $68 was refused and $70 accepted. $88 and change all in. The Radisson lists $129 for this night, and can be brought down to $110 with AAA/AARP...discounts.
  5. Booked on 12/29. Started at $120, got a counter offer for $175, which got my hopes up. Kept working my way up, and had to use Ramblas S as another option beyond the free rebids. Of corse I would have been fine with a 5* in Ramblas S if one came up. Finally got accepted at $155 per night. Le Meridien was selling rooms at $310 per night on their website.
  6. Bid $90 based upon other recent wins around $100. Should have tried lower since I got it at the first try (and I saw somewhere a ~$76 win in April). IN any case, all 4* hotels have rooms available for these dates in the rage from $179 (ATT) to $209 (Hyatt) to $244 (W) with the Hilton somewhere in between. Best rate available at the Omni is $219. Great savings.
  7. While most of the posts here seem to refer to priceline, I have been helping a friend with a sick relative looks at options for transcon flights. Since compassion fares have become useless (5% off published current fare, which last minute is sky high). HOTWIRE offers transcons for ~$420 when the lowest published fare is ~$700. I see at least 40% off the best published fares. This is available most days I have tried and even for next day or day after next travel. With savings like these, who cares about earning miles :) I came to see if anyone knew what airline this may be and am surprised I have not seen much (or any) success posted. I should also point out this is particularly effective because of the last minute nature of the trip: with one or two weeks advance, I doubt nowadays one can get this kind of savings. For the sake of trying, the same trip one month out prices regularly in the $280-310 range and Hotwire does not even offer unpublished fares.
  8. Started bidding at $60, working my way up got a counteroffer at $70 to add $20. Placed the last bid at $73 and got the Holiday Inn. Free WiFi and breakfast buffet. List for $110/night on the Holiday Inn website. Saved ~$110 with PRICELINE.
  9. Same day bid. Accepted right away. $59 all in. Went in the same range of previous bids posted here. Best rate on hyatt.com is $179.
  10. One night. Bid a 2.5* for $34, then added 2* and raised to $38. Total $50 with taxes. The hotel lists for $80 with AAA discount (and when I closed the reservation window on my browser I got an offer for another $10 off!. Still, not a bad deal for less than $40. Used the PRICELINE link.
  11. After several reports at $40, I tried $39. No go. Used the rebid and got the Doubletree at $40. Used the PRICELINE link on this page.
  12. Same day bid. Since the hotel lists for $139 on their website, and the only rebid would have been adding the 2* (which brings in some Best Westerns) did not want to take a chance. May have bid too high, but in such a busy summer weekend, I'm happy with the 50% off! Good to see this property come up again.
  13. I was almost sure this was going to be the Magnolia, due to a very similar recent post (although with slightly different amenities), instead I got the Delta Victoria Ocean Point Resort and Spa, with the following amenities: Oceanfront, Smoke Free Rooms, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, High-speed Internet Access, Tennis Nearby Another new entry for the list. Same day bid. This hotel was selling for CAD 169 (double queen room), plus taxes, so HW provided some savings, but no major discount. In the end I asked and got a single king bed. Wired internet is free (cable provided) and parking is $15/night, but there was plenty of street parking in the area (2 hr zone 8AM-6PM).
  14. Bid on this zone without much information. Busy weekend, high rates everywhere. Very happy with the Four Points, which lists for $135 (CAD) on their website. Got the Four Points by Sheraton - Victoria Gateway for US 87 all in. Smoke Free Rooms, Restaurant(s), Business Center A new entry to the list of hotwire hotels.
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