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  1. Three more rejected bids: Rejected at $50 for 3.5* Rejected at $65 for 3* Rejected at $52 for 2*
  2. More rejected bids: $45 for 3.5* Have seen a lot of accepted bids for the Hilton at this price. $60 for 3* $47 for 2.0* Remembered to use the PRICELINE link this time. I should mention I am trying to get two rooms.
  3. Am hoping to get either the 3* Residence Inn in Beachwood or the 2* Homewood Suites. Trying to avoid the 3.5*, poorly-reviewed Hilton in Beachwood, but may have to go for that. Definitely trying to stick with Beachwood, as all the relatives will be staying there for a family wedding. So far: Rejected at $36, $40 and $43 for a 2*. Rejected at $43 for a 2.5* Rejected at $39, $45, $50 and $55 for a 3*.
  4. Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $75.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $17.05 Total Charges*: $92.05
  5. Banned a few years ago from the rental car section because I didn't format a post properly. Banned last year for not following her advice to a tee, and probably for forgetting to use the link when I placed my bid. The best thing about TOBB is that it gives us the answer to the age-old question, "What if Stalin ran a bidding-for-travel board?" Glad to find another place to share my winning bids.
  6. My dates are May 3-7, 2006. Here are the hotwire offers I received: 3.5* suite, restaurtant, pool, fit ctr, internet $82 3* restaurant, pool, fit ctr, internet $48 2.5* comp. breakfast, pool, fit ctr, biz ctr, laundry $32 2 * pool, fit ctr, kitchenette, laundry $24
  7. I want to get the Sheraton Suites for early May, next year. All I'm getting is a 4 star for $83 and a 2.5 star for $48. I've used PL many times, but I'm new to Hotwire. Do the offers change much? They seem very high right now. I'm seeing all these people who got the 3.5 hotel for $39, so it seems weird that it's listed for $83. thanks, another grateful TOBB refugee
  8. Bid $43 for 4 star in SLC downtown and bid was rejected. Added area that did not have a 4-star and upped bid to $46 and got the Marriott.
  9. Subtotal: $74. Taxes & fees: $16.76. Total = 90.76. Then I tried to get a room for friend, who is attending the same event I am, and got a lot of rejected bids. Rejected for $37, $39 & $41 for same city, hotel class & days.
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