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  1. i got the intercontinental for march 8- march 10,2008 san juan resort...$200 bid plus taxes I still "think" it may go down so make sure you use the step by step bidding strategy and end when you feel you reached a comfortable bid *sweet*
  2. 1. kayaking the bioluminescent bay in puerto rico 2.If i can get up the nerve...ziplining.
  3. thank you thereuare. Im not happy that san juan hotels have become extremely expensive for march 2008 but this bid was adequate for the exact hotels we wanted. I could not bid today but my friends have and this is what we got... march 8- march 10..resorts bid $200 plus taxes ACCEPTED at Intercontinental. The only things i am not sure of is: If there is any additional taxes and fees once we get to these hotels. the Caribe hilton charged us $5 per person per day additional (some strange occupancy tax) in dec 06 and july 07. *sweet*
  4. I used savingsbarn.com to get to priceline. I got the marriott stellaris and casino (resort) bid was $185 with taxes and service charges $231.49. dates for me were Feb29-march 1 Dates for 2 friends were feb 27-march1 Now going to try for my after cruise march 8-10...$185 and $187 rejected *sweet*
  5. i'm sorry about the 2 separate posts. i need the feb 14-16 precruise only i need the feb 26-mar1 precruise and mar8-mar10 post cruise thank you very much for identifying the sheraton old san juan..it makes sense since there is no beach listed anywhere. You rock!!!! i will definitely use the links listed. *sweet* :)
  6. hiya, i am very new posting to this forum but have read quite a bit about rebid zones etc. my questions: i have been bidding for RESORT/san juan for 3 different dates all rejected feb14-16..last bids highest was $179 feb28-mar1.. last bids highest $165 mar 8-mar10..last bids highest $155 Has anyone won a bid for any of these dates and what was the winning bid? How high do you guys think will catch a winning bid on these dates. I understand feb14-16 will be highest since it is right before prez week, but why would my other weeks ESPECIALLY mar8-10 be so high? any thoughts or help would be appreciated thank you, *sweet*
  7. hiya guys, i need some help please I tried but cannot figure out what hotel this is in san juan hotwire amenities 3.5* listed in order: it says BEST VALUE in the upper right corner: casino fitness center pool(s) restaurant(s) business center high speed internet access tennis nearby thanks in advance :) *sweet*
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