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  1. Can anyone tell me if can we receive loyalty points (Hilton, Starwood, etc) when we secure a priceline name your own bid reservation? I assume we can't but I'd like to know officially if anyone does know. Many thanks, jeff
  2. FYI The date is just the one day now Aug 25th... Thanks,
  3. I initially bid tonight at $39 for a one night stay in SEATTLE in late August It was rejected so I added the University area and upped my bid to $41 That, too, was rejected so I added the Lake Union area and upped bid to $43 and it was ACCEPTED The hotel is the Country Inn and Suites in Bothel and I've stayed there before...It's very good so I'm very pleased...real nice pool, wonderful breakfast, free wireless Internet, everything I wanted and so much more and all at a real good price if you ask me! Thanks to one and all who helped me out...very much appreciated... FYI I used SavingsBarn PRICELINE link too Cheers,
  4. You folks are too helpful, not used to this....thx so much...here goes with the added info... For Aug 24th and 25th I'd like to pay high $30's low $40's for the Bothel area for a 2.5*... My plan (rookie, clueless plan perhaps) is to try that, then if rejected I will add the everett area then maybe the north everett area with each new bid....make sense or no? Many thanks, jeff
  5. Aug 24, 25th Sept 8th Sept 22nd Oct 13th Oct 20th Nov 11th Nov 18th Dec 8th Dec 22nd My plan is to begin bidding 1-3 weeks prior to each date and monitor all the info I can find here...if any of you have any specific tips please let me know...I'm more than happy in the outskirts at reputable 2.5 star places but also wouldn't turn down a nice deal downtown at the westin, sheraton or marriott seattle or edgewater if I could nab it for under $120.... These are all carved in stone dates as I'm going for sure unless I get hit by a truck that is :) These are all nights before Seattle Seahawk football games if that factors into the eqaution... Thanks for any and all assistance, heffman
  6. Pardon my ignornace as a newbie here but is there a rule of thumb for bookiing hotels (Seattle specifically)? Are better savings achieved by waiting to a day or two before you intend to need the accommodation, or is a week out good, or longer, or shorter---or is there no rhyme nor reason more times than not? Or is 'it depends" the most reliable reply to my question? Any and all tips, graciously appreciated. Many thanks, heffman
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