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  1. Bid 3.5 star for downtown first. Didn't expect to get it, but thought I'd try. Added the airport location and got the bid.
  2. Free Breakfast, Free Internet, Free Parking Airport Shuttle, Fitness center, Indoor pool, Pet friendly, Pool(s), Smoke-free rooms
  3. Went to Hotwire to make sure I get a hotel with breakfast and a pool because I was bringing the kids with me. Was pretty dissappointed in the fact that the pool was outdoor (A lot of good that does in WI in March), and the breakfast was apples, oranges, instant oatmeal, and granola bars. Very unhappy with my Hotwire experience. Amenities: Free Parking Free Breakfast (Not an impressive breakfast) Free Internet Pet Friendly Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) - OUTDOOR Only - in WI in March!! Self Service Laundry
  4. Started my search from this forum on HOTWIRE to find a 3.5* in Brookfield available for $48/night - figured it was the Sheraton based on the BB hotel list description. Went to PRICELINE and bid $43 and got the Sheraton just like we wanted. Would have saved a lot on the HOTWIRE price - saved even more going to PRICELINE.
  5. Listed with Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Pet Friendly, Indoor Pool(s), Airport Shuttle, Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s) With taxes and all - $128.69 (64.35/night).
  6. Booked for Glendale area near Milwaukee (near Bayshore mall). Got a 3* on my first bid for the Radisson. $43/night - ID'd the same hotel on Hotwire at $51/night using the hotel list on this forum. Figured I might as well try something in the same area for less - ended up getting the same hotel and saved a few bucks. Started both my HOTWIRE search and PRICELINE search from the forum.
  7. La Quinta Amenities listed on HOTWIRE were: No Smoking, Airport Shuttle, Complimentary Breakfast, Fitness Center, Pool, Business Center, Laundry, High Speed Internet. Have stayed there before and they have a nice pool and decent enough breakfast. Checked on their website to see what kind of deal I got and it turns out they're sold out. With tax it comes to $70.35/night - not the best, but my wife and kids had to have a pool, so we weren't willing to go with PRICELINE.
  8. Used the Betterbidding PRICELINE link to start my search. Was hoping for the Sheraton as we'd gotten it before and others on the forum had gotten it for $45. Tried Brookfield area 3.5* for $45 and didn't get it, ended up lowering to 3* and got the Best Western Midway instead. Reviews look mixed, but it should serve the purpose. Total cost was $45/night + $21.22 in taxes for $111.22. The Priceline hotel list shows this as a 2.5* on Priceline. Apparently it's now considered a 3* by Priceline. I can only hope that means the "plus" in the title is an improved hotel! Thanks for the help as usual.
  9. Edit - There was also a Kitchenette listed if I selected the hotel and then clicked the 'See All Amenities' selection. I didn't notice it when I booked the room initially because it wasn't on the initial page. I used the BetterBidding HOTWIRE search at the top of the page to start my search!
  10. 2.5 Star Madison East hotel - Grandstay Residential Suites $39/night listed plus tax came to $95.23 total ($17.23 tax) I was pretty sure this was the hotel I was going to get based on the Hotwire hotel list here at BetterBidding. Here are the amenities that were listed: Suite Fitness Center High-speed Internet Access Smoke Free Rooms Pool(s) Golf Nearby (A must in Wisconsin this time of year) Complimentary Breakfast Laundry Facilities Also listed a Bed Choice I used the BetterBidding HOTWIRE search at the top of the page to start my search!
  11. Just got the Best Western East Towne Suites in Madison (East) for 2 nights, 2 rooms, $57/night 7/10/09 - 7/12/09. Taxes were an additional $8.5/night/room for a total of $262.43. Amenities listed were shuttle, fitness center, pool, breakfast, business center, high speed internet, and golf. These are the same amenities that were listed in the better bidding list, except three of the amenities in your 'post' were crossed out. I figured it was the same hotel, so went with it anyway. Because of the breakfast offering and the pool, we decided to take the HOTWIRE deal and forgo a chance on PRICELINE. I started my search from the Better Bidding HOTWIRE link at the top of the page! Thanks.
  12. Saw a bid on the forum for $38 for the Downtown Hyatt on a Thursday night. I bid $41 because I wanted two rooms on a Friday night and got it! Hyatt Regency Milwaukee Downtown 333 West Kilbourn Milwaukee, WI 53203 2 Rooms $41/night Check in 1/9/09 Check out 1/10/09 Offer price $41 2 Rooms 1 Night Subtotal $82 Taxes and fees $19.6 Total: $101.60 And I made sure to use the PRICELINE link on the forum to start my bidding.
  13. Booked for $38 on first try the day before our stay. Taxes came out a little over $18 for a total of $94.33 for the two nights.
  14. Tried downtown for $43 looking for 2 rooms/3 nights starting 7/5 and got denied. Added Madison East and went up to $48 and got the Marriot Courtyard East outside the beltline. Nice hotel.
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