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  1. Booked two nights at The Westin @131.00 / night Fitness center Restaurant Business Center High speed internet access
  2. Yes, I'm still seeing a 4* for $155.00. I must say that a retail price of $219.00 for a 4* in Philadelphia is a bit low. I've stayed at the Sofitel and Park Hyatt (but not the Westin), and both would be fine for $155.00. -jsp
  3. Thanks for the reply. The Hotwire lisitng quotes a retail price of $219.00 for that room on that night. The best rate on the Westin site for that night is $289.00. Do the two numbers generally sync up? Thanks ... -jsp
  4. Thinking about booking: Fitness center Restaurant Business Center High speed internet access Any ideas what this hotel might be? Thanks in advance. -jsp
  5. Just booked the InterContinental Hotel on Front Street (Downtown Toronto) for $80.00 (USD) per night from 10/6 through 10/10. Amenities: Restaurant Pool Fitness Business Spa Cheers! ~jsp
  6. Second time using Hotwire (just booked a week in Philly Center City ... 4* @ $55.00); never had a bid accepted at Priceline. -jsp
  7. Thanks for the reply. I wasn't aware that Hotwire doesn't always list all amenties. It makes it harder to pin down a property. I'm tempted to go with the boutique MTE hotel @ $163.00. I just don't want to book at one of the Schrager hotels (in fairness, I've never stayed at one, but know two people who have and had bad experiences). I've heard good things about the Kitano, which Hotels.com is offering @ $184.00. It might be worth it this trip to know what I'm getting. I'm still wondering if that 4.5* is the W. -jsp
  8. I am booking a room in MTE for 4/18-4/20. The two rooms I've been circling are a 4.5*@ $163.00 [boutique, fitness, high-speed internet access, business center, spa] (W New York, perhaps?), and a 4* @ $156.00 [restaurant, pool, fitness center, high speed internet access, tennis] (UN Millenium Plaza?) I've been burned a few times in NYC by 3* hotels, so a 4* is a minimum. The UN Millenium Plaza looks nice, but my business is near Times Square, and I'm not sure how far it really is, in terms of shoe leather. Also, I've never stayed at a boutique hotel, so I'm unsure of the experience (although, a 4.5* rating should allay my fears). On the other hand, what kind of 4.5* hotel has no restaurant? Any advice would be most appreciated. -jsp