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  1. Hi all, I did my homework before bidding, which everyone should do: looked on Expedia at prices, scanned the Better Bidding wins, etc. I t seemed like an inexpensive time in Chicago. Therefore, I bid $65.oo for a 4.5* in the Michigan ave area; got a message asking me to add $13.00 to get my hotel. Instead I used free rebid and bid $72.00. Got It! Intercontinental. It pays to do ones homework :) Regards, Donna
  2. Hi Qman, It just so happens that I purchased that PRICELINE EXPRESS Hotel 10 minutes ago to arrive 04/29 for 2 nights at $113.00 per night. It turned out to be the Omni, which is rated a 4* on the PRICELINE List of Hotels in River North. The Board may want to update the * Rating for this hotel. Regards, Donna
  3. Hi all, I started bidding at $70.00; got a message to raise it to $94.00 and I would be successful. Instead I used free rebids up to $85.00, when I won this hotel. I'm pleased. Regards, Donna
  4. Began bidding at $75.00; message came back that I would have my hotel if I added $33.00, making the price $108.0 I instead used the rebids to raise in $5.00 increments until $101.00, at which time I was successful for the Hyatt Regency. Regards, Donna
  5. The Westin that I "won" is the Westin WATERFRONT, Convention Center. Sorry for the delay in replying; I just now read this Regards, Donna
  6. With one free rebid, "won" this Marriott for $95.00. It is a bit far from where I want to be, but I have a car, so no problem. BTW, this hotel is new to the Westbury List. Regards, Donna
  7. Tried bidding on many other area of Boston before the Waterfront; could not get an accepted bid up to $150.00. Noticed that Priceline had a "Best Deal" * by this area, so tried it; began bidding at $120.00; succeeded at $130.00. A bit off the beaten path, but a very nice hotel with shuttle to downtown. Regards, Donna
  8. I acquired this hotel for our company President, who is on his way from Paris to Boston via Heathrow. Started bid at $140.00, used 2 free rebid zones and bib $165.00 which was accepted for this hotel. This Marriott gets good reviews; it's retail price is upwards of $358.00, so not a bad deal. Regards, Donna
  9. "your homely Guest room has high-speed Internet." Do you think the review actually meant "homely"; maybe homey would be more accurate. Our happy president really did enjoy his stay, Romelle. I forget that in Europe, large Chains buy some quite beautiful and historic properties; this was one, I guess. Thanks for your comments. Regards, Donna
  10. Began bidding at $150.00. Message stated to add $40.00 and I would get a hotel. Instead, I used a free rebid and bid $165.00 and "won" this hotel. It's not for me, but I really did not want the company president to stay at a Holiday Inn in Europe, but it's okay. The hotel is in a great location (quite close to the Queen :) Regards, Donna
  11. Thanks, Thereuare, I appreciate the info on parking. It sounds like a good deal, relatively speaking. Regards, Donna
  12. I have been trying for a week for a hotel either at Harborfront/Aquarium or Quincy Market. Seems to be an expensive time, though I cannot find any reason why...except for summer, maybe. Today I began bidding at $140.00 and with free rebids, up to $165.00. The reason for the odd price is that I had a $50.00 hotel bonus which added $16.67 each day to my bid; so the hotel actually goes for $181.67 though I paid $165, still high I think. Can anyone help by letting me know of less expensive places to park within a mile or so of the hotel. I think they are charging $50.00 a night! I would appreciate any information regarding parking. Thanks, Donna
  13. Bid Priceline to $125.00 without success. On Hotwire, I could identify this hotel, so I went for it. Amenities: Boutique, Restaurant, Fitness, Smoke Free, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Tennis, Spa Regards, Donna
  14. Began bidding at $90.00; at $95.00, the "add $25.00 and you can have your hotel"; at that I bid twice up to $105.00, when I "won" this hotel. I was surprised, as Monday is the last day of a large conference. Regards, Donna
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