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    Hey there, live in the states but had received a tip to check Expedia.ca for my travels to Phoenix to see if they had a lower price on car rentals then the US site. After conversion of Canadian dollars to US dollars, the price I'm saving on the car is big, if I'm stateside is it still alright to book through the Canadian Expedia to get the cheaper car rate in Phoenix?
  2. Going to be in NYC for a week (Floral Park area), usually stayed within city limits. What I want to know is, am I OK with just the simple 7 day Metro Card to get to and from Manhattan/Borough to Floral Park or do I need something more? Leaving Elizabeth Street in Floral Park, Google has me jumping on a bus: "N24 Jamaica-Mineola- Roos," followed by getting on subway F, then E, then B. I don't see any mention of LIRR, only MTA the whole way.
  3. Added reply, Yes, the hotel only has a Casino icon associated with it. Nothing else except for a 3.5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor it tells me.
  4. Hotel showed 2 star in Fridley w/ no smoking and high speed for $29. Booked it and it was the LivInn Suites Fridley. The same hits where shown for hotels in Burnsville and Maplewood which would also be the LivInn Suites in those cities. I've stayed at each and all are a great place and very much a steal at that price.
  5. Doing a search for a place to crash the night of 9/22-9/23 and I get a $14 2.5* hit that shows Casino as the amenities. Ideas? Guesses? Thanks!
  6. Thanks! Went with a Travelocity secret hotel.
  7. Looking on Hotwire and am getting a 2 star hotel coming back for Brooklyn Center/Coon Rapids area that lists High Speed and Breakfast for amenities. Any ideas what this may be?
  8. Anyone have any thoughts as to which hotel this could be?
  9. While perusing the HOTWIRE listings for Minneapolis/St. Paul on the dates of 5/20-5/23 it would appear that a $29 a night hotel room comes up that I'm curious about. The following amenities are listed: Breakfast, Workout Room, Laundry, and Golf. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts as to what this might be? Thank you!
  10. Well thank you for all the help. Turns out through networking a coworker of mine's mother works for Choice Hotels and now I have access to the friends and family discount so this hotel is available to us for $39 a night: http://www.comfortinn.com/hotel-phoenix-ar...9?promo=gglocal So I'm going to be booking that shortly. Thank you again for all the help!
  11. Excellent info which I'll have to look into. The dates we're settling on is 3/24-3/31 and we're open to 2 1/2 stars and up.
  12. Just was looking into hotels on PRICELINE for the upcoming Spring Training in Phoneix 2010. Looking to go the last two weeks of March for a full week but dates are open for us pending what we could nail down at a decent rate. Wanted to see if anyone had any tips or tricks like bidding early or waiting till a few weeks before or any help. We did this last year and got a great hotel but it was a trip we through together at the last minute around early March of last year.
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