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  1. Started with bid PRICELINE link. Made several bids A bid failed at $31/day for full size, succeeded at $36/day
  2. No go at $26. Won at $35 Used the board PRICELINE link
  3. Nope: $65 4* Pittsford Fairport Nope: $65 3.5* Pittsford Fairport Nope: $70 3.5* Added Henrietta S. (No 3.5* hotels there.) Nope: $72 3.5* Added Henrietta (More hotels there) Nope: $75 3.5* Added E Rochester (No More hotels there) Nope: $79 3.5* Added 3.5* ROC Airport Yes: $79 3.5* Added downtown Rochester $79 / night at the Radisson Hotel Rochester Riverside Yes, I used the starting PRICELINE link
  4. Bid for $13 per day for an economy car accepted. Hertz at ROC (Rochester, NY) airport. Rental is for Fri 11am - Sun 11am. Bid placed on Thursday evening. I used the PRICELINE link from this board. Regards, Larry
  5. Tried $25, $35, $50 (their counter offer was $53) Finally took their offer of $53
  6. Started with 4* for galleria zone: Used your link 4* bids Bid $68 -- fail Bid $72 -- fail Bid $82 -- fail Bid $86 -- fail 3.5* bids Bid $68 -- won I only tried one 3.5* bid so best price might be lower: Regards, Larry
  7. $80 per night: 8/30/12 - 9/3 Rochester, NY downtown: 4* Hyatt Regency Started at $70, went up by $5 by adding other areas. (Only downtown has 4*.) Won at $80. A prior bidder on this board won at $70, same hotel. But I'm also staying Thursday nite--seems to be a more valued night in the Rochester area vs weekend. Anyhow, thanks board! Yes, I used the link to open the PRICELINE site. Regards, Larry
  8. Amenities Fitness Center, Restaurant(s), High-speed Internet Access Larry ps How does that help? Trying to guess the property from the amenities shown before confirmation?
  9. Hi, For May 3-5, 2009: After 3 bids, no go at $150 for 3.5* DC Conv cntr, downtown (There's a 7,000 person convention in town that Sun-Tue that I'm attending.) So went for Hotwire, $169 / night in same area, 3.5*. Got Club Quarters, Washington Hotel Address: 839 17th Street N.W., Washington, DC, 20006 Hotel Phone:(202) 463-6400 Reviews on trip advisor comment on the very small rooms. C'est la vie... (Yes, used the HOTWIRE links) Larry
  10. Re: Doubletree at 1515 Rhode Island Avenue NW? Yes, that's correct. And I've learned now that the conf will have 7,000 at its peak time (Tues pm) Thanks for your helpful board. Regards, Larry
  11. Need Sun Jun 1 - Wed Jun 4, 3 nights in DC There's a 5,000+ person convention then I'm attending. Tried the following (based on other msg on this board). Yes, used the PRICELINE link $140 4* Convention Center: nope $180 4* Convention Center or White house / downtown: nope $205 3* or 4* Convention Center or White house / downtown: success at the Doubletree Washington Since I'm splitting the cost with a buddy who is going to the same conf, I don't feel too bad. Quikbook is showing $259 for 2 double beds. More than I've ever paid via priceline...market pricing I suppose. C'est la vie. Regards, Larry
  12. Hi, Next week is CES in Las Vegas, that's why prices are so high. 72 hrs ago I tried starting at $40 and went up to $80. No dice. Sun 1/6 - Tues Morning, 1/8 I succeeded now: bid $90 4* Strip South. Failed. PL countered with $174 bid $120 Added airport. Failed. No counter bid $145 Added Strip North. Failed. No counter bid $160 Added 3*. Success at Riviera Hotel And Casino 3-star (Hopefully not too grungy.) I think Sunday night is the tough night. (Yes, I used the SavingsBarn PRICELINE link.) Regards, Larry
  13. Hi, Needed 1 night, 10/28 checkin. Philadelphia downtown. 4* for $70 was rejected, 3* for $70 was accepted at Sheraton-Society Hill Hotel. And I USED the PRICELINE link at SavingsBarn.com! Hoo Wa! Regards, Larry
  14. Hi, First bid of $65 / San Mateo / 4* was accepted at Marriott in San Mateo near Foster City for Oct 18, 4 nights. Regards, Larry
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