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  1. Started bidding 3* from $70 at $1 increment Little more than what I wanted to pay but not many choices given the holiday season. Used the PRICELINE link.
  2. Used the PRICELINE link. Started bidding at $60 at $1 increment, lots of free rebid zones here.
  3. The name of this hotel has changed to "Hotel Irvine Jamboree Center". My first bid was at $60. Used the PRICELINE link, thanks.
  4. First bid was for $60. Didn't really get to try other bids since there was only 1 other zone. The express deal for a 3* was $71 and based on the amenities I think it was the same hotel.
  5. This was a 2.5 star bid that was upgraded to 3*. Not really what I wanted but the price is right. First try was for $36. Used the PRICELINE link.
  6. First bid was $49. Used the PRICELINE link. Looks like the name of the zone changed.
  7. This forum was not working the day I made the booking so posting this bid late. New zone and hotel, I believe the rate from the hotel's website was $120 or so. Previous bids were $60 and $63. I used the PRICELINE link even though the forum was down, hopefully the credit went through.
  8. This hotel isn't in the list, so was a bit surprised when it showed up. Hotel website shows a rate of $109. I actually started bidding on 3*, but ran out of re-bids when I got to $46. Restarted again on 3.5* at $47, so won on the second try. Used the PRICELINE link. Mods: my earlier post had the wrong dates but I couldn't edit so I re-posted the correct dates in a new post, please delete the previous one thanks.
  9. Prices for some reason are a lot higher for this date. First tried some $70+ bids on 3* but no dice. Settled for 2.5* and started bidding at $65. Hotel website shows a price of $131. Used PRICELINE link.
  10. Hmm so apparently this property is now a 3* according to Hotwire. I was actually expecting a different hotel based on the hotwire list but this works even better. I could have paid $69 if booking directly from the hotel so saved a few bucks. The hotel details are: Airport Shuttle, Complimentary Breakfast, Fitness Center, Pool(s), High-Speed Internet Access Time to update the hotwire list! Used the HOTWIRE link to book ;)
  11. I'm pretty stoked because this is the exact property I wanted. I researched for half an hour before settling on a starting bid of $62 and adding $63 before being accepted at $64. I was just worried that I would get "upgraded" to the nearby 3* Courtyard, but everything worked out in the end. Yeah I know nearby zones have lower prices but didn't want to spend an hour crawling through the lovely LA parking lots freeways. Hotel website shows a price of $109. Used the PRICELINE link to place bid.
  12. First bid was $125. Hotel's website shows rate of $199/night. Not a great winning price but I can live with it. Btw love the new redesign, good stuff.
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