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  1. I didn't try to bid any lower than $70 as I needed to get this confirmed for Monday. Hotwire had the listing for $89, but once I accepted and entered all billing info, etc, got the message that the "itinerary was no longer available". Oh well, cheaper this way! :)
  2. We have two young kids, so I wonder if we checked in as a quad, would they try to charge us more? Maybe I should check in on my own and request two beds... Thanks!
  3. My first bid of $40 was rejected, but they took the second bid. Their best online rate seems to be about $190, so I'm happy! Just hope they can give us two queens instead of a king, because we have two kids with us! Oh well, it'll be cozy! :) Mel ps - I used the PRICELINE link from this site
  4. Hi, I've been checking Hotwire daily for rates for a 4* in San Diego Downtown, Jan. 9-12/08. We are a family of four, so we need accomodations for four. My question is - is it possible that if we book on Priceline, we may get denied because we have too many people? Don't most 4*'s have both 2 doubles and 1 king configurations on site? I'd like to try and get something for around $100, up to $125. I got the Omni booked one night on the 31st of December through their website promo for $109, so I'd like to find a deal like that for my other dates. Any advice on booking Priceline or any other way to get what I'm looking for? TIA, Mel
  5. Thanks for the help. We didn't book due to a snowstorm and other wild weather that blew in on Saturday. Mel
  6. We have changed our plans and are looking at going this Sunday instead, Dec. 2/07, for one night. I'm looking at a 3* on Hotwire that is $72. Amenities are complimentary Breakfast, Pool, and Fitness. I'm thinking it's the Best Western Alderwood? Any thoughts? TIA, and I'll use the link and post what happens if we book. :) Mel
  7. The only amenity showing is laundry. Any ideas? Looking for a place close to Alderwood Mall.
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