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  1. 4-star Hotel in Vancouver Downtown - Coal Harbour - Stanley Park June 10-12, 2013 $170 This Hotel features the following amenities: Free Internet Pet friendly Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Accessible for the blind Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking
  2. 4-star Hotel in Vancouver Downtown Shopping and Entertainment District June 10 - June 12, 2013 $166 This Hotel features the following amenities: Pet friendly Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Spa Services Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower Bathroom has a roll-in shower
  3. I did not realize you had a link for hotels direct. Very sorry about that. I always use your PRICELINE link when I book through them. Now I just have to get my brain to remember this new bit of knowledge.
  4. I gave up with PRICELINE. I bid $79 today and was told I could get a free rebid for $112. I turned it down and added the "free" Ridgefield zone and bid $85 and was once again turned down. At that point we decided to book direct. We chose the Comfort Inn and Suites in Paramus which will include a continental breakfast. With our AAA discount we are paying $117. More than we have ever paid in this area, but if I was going to have to go up to $112, pay PRICELINE fees and then perhaps end up with a hotel with no free breakfast, we decided we would rather choose our own hotel. Our biggest fear was raising our bid and getting the Crown Plaza. I consider that an okay place for about $50-60, but not for over $100. Hopefully the Comfort Inn will work out okay. Thanks for the help.
  5. The funeral is in Fair Lawn, and relatives live in Lodi and Fairlawn. Basically we like clean, and don't need fancy. However, in my experience with Priceline, if you go below 3 star you are getting into a risky area when it comes to cleanliness. We have won all three hotels in the 3* Paramus category on Priceline. Our least favorite was the Crown Plaza, but it was an okay win for the price at the time. Paying upwards of $80 would not thrill me. If we can't be real close to Fairlawn/Lodi we are willing to be west of Lodi somewhere along I-80. On Sunday we will be heading back to Michigan, so being a little West is better than being East, North or South.
  6. Romelle, I was beginning to wonder if trying to book two rooms is part of the problem. I know I have read that before on this forum. I checked the rack rate prices at the Hyatt and there is only a $10 difference between the two nights. I am aware that some hotels will give a bereavement rate, but have not yet checked into it this time. Priceline is still usually better. Last year we used Priceline and won the Hyatt Place for another funeral in NJ and they did give us a bereavement rate for the others that came out to NJ for the funeral. The rate was higher than our Priceline rate, but lower than the rack rate. I guess I should pursue that tomorrow.
  7. Took a look at Hotwire. Paramus seems to be included in the Fort Lee Hackensack Area. We do not want to risk being all the way down in the Fort Lee area. I can't find any listed area that includes Fair Lawn, which is where the Hyatt Place is located. :(
  8. Romelle Thanks for responding. It appears I will have to bid much higher than normal. I did look at Hotwire, but didn't see anything in the Paramus area. I will keep checking there. I was shocked to see the Hyatt Place Rack rate at $199. In the past their rack rate has been around $120-$130. That is quite an increase. The Hyatt Place is our favorite of the three hotels, followed by the Courtyard and lastly the Crown Plaza. I can get the Courtyard for $123 with AAA, but that is way more than I would like to pay, especially since we need two rooms. To think that earlier this month I stayed at a motel right on the Pacific Ocean in Cambria, CA for $86 night. Bit of sticker shock this week!!! If I see anything on hotwire, I will be sure to post for help. Thanks again.
  9. Having problems winning a bid for Nov. 23-25 for this Priceline Zone [3* Saddle Brook - Teaneck (Paramus - Hackensack)] How high do you think I will have to bid to secure a room? I know this is Thanksgiving weekend, but we had an unexpected death in the family and need to find a room. So far I have bid as high as $77 with no win or offer for a counter bid. The rack rates for the three, three star hotels that typically win are $129, $128, and $199 :o I really don't want to go down in star level, as we have been unhappy with wins at that level. For a brief moment I thought about staying further west in the Parsippany North zone, but when I read the reviews of the 3.5 star Priceline hotels that seem to win, I was not thrilled. So basically I have two questions: 1. How high do you think I will have to bid to secure a win in this area? 2. Is there another area to the west, close to interstate 80, that I might get a decent win with good reviews?
  10. We decided not to go to the wedding, so will not be needing a room.
  11. We have a wedding in Boston on Oct.1 and need a hotel for just that night. The wedding reception will be at the Ritz Carlton. Some guests will also be staying at the Hyatt Regency. From the map provided to us the Boston Common is between these two hotel locations. Am I correct that these hotels would be in the Priceline area number 9? Would any other areas, perhaps number 1, be a good choice? There will be trolleys from both the Hyatt and the Ritz Carlton to take us to the church and back to the reception. Looking to find a better deal through priceline for the wedding. Would prefer to keep it under $150. Any thoughts?
  12. Update: Never won a hotel for August 3-5. I had booked a cancellable reservation several months ago. We are settling with the Quality Inn on John Street in the Seattle Center area. Hopefully it will be alright. We don't need fancy, just clean and safe. It is only for two nights and we will be out and about during the day time.
  13. I have seen a lot of wins for the airport in the $50 range.
  14. That is a great price for those dates. I had given up trying for awhile. Everything has been so high. What was your full price with all the taxes and fees for the two days?
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