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  1. Bidding On a car in Providence, RI. Where do I start? Should I just discount what I see being listed on sites like Orbitz or Kayak? Thanks
  2. Can you please help me identify the following NYC hotels if possible. Thanks in advance Empire State Building area hotel : Smoke Free, Fitness Center, Restaurant(s), Business Center, High speed Internet, (Free Internet) with an 80% recommendation. (current price $156) Midtown Central area hotel : Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Restaurant(s), Business Center, High speed internet access with 80% recommendation
  3. I am looking for A NYC hotel for 8/24-8/26. Would like something 4* if possible. Anywhere in Manhattan would be acceptable. Does this look like a reasonable price or is it far off? Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Regards
  4. I used the PRICELINE link to bid on a 4* in downtown Miami for 2 nights December 1-December 3. My initial bid was $75 and it was accepted right away. I got the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Miami. Total amount for my stay is $150 for the room plus $29.02 in taxes for a grand total of $179.02. Since I had 6 rebid zones, I wish I had started my first bid lower, but very happy with the deal regardless. Going rate at time of bid on Orbitz was $202 per night with taxes... Please let me know if I should post any additional information. Thanks everyone for the assistance. Regards
  5. Thanks for your response. Just to make sure, I thinkt he rebid zones are as follows. Aventura, Dadeland, Miami Lakes, Miami West, North Miami, Southwest Miami. To obtain them I just went location by location to see which areas (besides Downtown Miami) do no the 4* option enabled. Is that the proper way to figure out the rebid zones? Thanks
  6. Previous Tampa Post is now updated. Thanks
  7. Thanks. I appreciated your help at the time and was going to try it. However, my trip fell through. Was going to a baseball game and didnt end up getting tickets. Sorry for not updating initially. Regards.
  8. Could someone please assist me with a strategy to bid on a 3.5-4 star Hotel in Downtown Miami. I am looking to stay for 2 nights from Dec 1-Dec 3. I would like to spend about $100 per night but would go up to $115 for a 4 star. Not sure if this is unreasonable or not. It seems there were a few hotels in this star range for about $the $150 range being offered on side step. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Need Hotel in Tampa in YBOR City or Tropicana Field for 4/10/10 for one night. Rating of 3 or higher. Not concerned that much as I just want to spend around $50 a night. Will basically be arriving late and leaving early. Any suggestions on strategy. Any help ASAP would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Excellent instructions. Using the PRICELINE link, I first tried $60 and it was rejected. I added my rebid zone and tried $65 and it was accepted. I got the Gran Melia for $65/night. This worked out perfect. My total price for 2 nights comes to $157. Initially I was going to book this same hotel using Orbitz for $135/night. Its like I got the second night free using PRICELINE! Thanks for all your help.
  11. In your example I guess I would like to have the opportunity to get the resort for $60 first.
  12. Thanks for your response and assistance. Based on the fact that I saw a recent (Jan 6th) winning bid of $62 for the Gran Melia I would like to get a 5* or resort grade hotel for no more than $100 total incl taxes, if possible. I would like to start out with a bid for a 5*. In the end, my ultimate goal is to get something equivalent or better than my next best option (booking Gran Melia for $135 inc tax elsewhere). I guess that is a complicated way of saying my target is about $100 but my max would be $135 because this is what I would have to go with without priceline. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance. Regards
  13. Right now my best option is to book the Gran Melia for about $135. I saw winning bids for about $65 for the Gran Melia which I was hoping to get but if I could get something better that would be good. My max for a 5* I would say would be the $135 that I am thinking about booking at the Gran Melia.
  14. Thank you very much for answering that for me. I want to bid on a hotel in Cancun. I already have something booked in Tulum from 2/25/10-2/28/10 and want to continue my stay in Cancun for 2 days, from 2/28/10-3/2/10. I would like at least a 4 star. Without PRICELINE I was going to book the Gran Melia for $119. Any bidding tips, suggestions or strategy would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I am reading some of the posts of winning bids i.e $65 for Cancun Hotel. I am about to bid myself and wanted to know if the winning bids that people post include taxes? Should I put in $65 as my price and let priceline add the taxes or should I adjust my bid so that the amount including taxes is $65. Thanks
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