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  1. Sorry, I thought I had entered that info on the form... Date is: 9/17/16. Price is $183.
  2. Amenities listed: Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Used the BiddingHelper.com. Thanks!
  3. Needed to book a list minute hotel in Clovis. Tried $50 and was given an counter-offer of $63. I don't usually take counter-offers, but went ahead this time. I was hoping for the Fairfield Inn, but this place gets pretty good reviews. I didn't know there was an "old town" Clovis, so we are interested to check it out. Used the PRICELINE link. Thanks BB!
  4. Started bidding (using the PRICELINE link) at $200 for 4* in Times Square. Got a counter-offer for $262. Rejected that and used free rebid to bid $220. Rejected. Was planning on using last free rebid to bid $240, but instead bid $235 since it was a little more than halfway between my first offer and $261. Very pleased with this price as I was leaning towards taking a $285 a night Hotwire offer. Checked the Marriott Marquis website and the cheapest rate I could find was $549. Thank you BB!
  5. Hi Tokar, It looks like I started bidding around eight days before our stay. I don't remember what my first bid was, but I always start as low as I can after determining what prices others on the board have won. In this case, there was not much to go on as most of the posted wins were for weekends, and I thought I read once that downtown hotels are emptier during the weekend as they cater to business people during the week. In this case nobody seemed to get anything for less than $80, so I probably started around $75 (since at 4* there are lots of rebid opportunities). I base my increments on how many rebids are available and the prices other bidders have won. In downtown Portland at 4* there is no need to create a new request with so many free rebids available. Hope that helps.
  6. Yes, we are looking forward to it. I used the PRICELINE link (as always). Thanks again.
  7. I attempted to bid for a room in Seattle a few days ago, bidding on 3.5* and then 4* rooms up to around $90 with no luck. Decided to wait a couple of days. This time I started at $65 and got an immediate offer to raise my bid by $18 to confirm a room. I rejected that offer and instead rebid only $5 more and got the Hotel Max. Very satisfied. Thanks again BB!!
  8. We have never stayed at the Benson before, so we are looking forward to it. Thanks BB!
  9. Bid $41 for Medford and the bid was accepted. Used the BB PRICELINE link. Thanks so much!
  10. Thanks Colfax! I'm glad you checked the rack rate -- I was afraid it would be much lower. I forgot to mention that I used the PRICELINE link, as always. (I don't even use a separate PL bookmark). So grateful for BB!
  11. Yikes! I started at $110 and went all the way up to $190. I was getting a little frantic trying to get this for my folks and another couple for Saturday night. I don't know what is going on in the City but I never had to to bid this high before. I hope they like it... (I also tried USE/USW and Financial District with no luck up to around $150.
  12. Won this bid for my folks. Started at $95 and using my free rebids, worked my way up to $120 with no luck. With one free rebid left, upped it to $130 and got it. Checked the hotel website and they are offering a lowest price rate of $179. I have been trying the three SF 4 star zones off and on for several weeks with no luck. I think my parents will be happy with this hotel -- they were getting antsy waiting so long. From the postings, it looks as if the best rates sometimes don't come up until the last minute. As always, used the PRICELINE link. Thanks BB!!
  13. Sorry, thought I already posted this... got it on 4/22/10. Started at $75, then $88, and got it for $100. Thanks BB! Used the PRICELINE link (as always). Whoops: the dates should be: 5/17/10-5/18/10.
  14. Sorry -- meant to post this earlier. Got this on April 18th. Started out offering $55, then tried $58 and got it at $60. Thanks BB! Expected the Hyatt Regency, but this will work just fine.
  15. You are correct! We were upgraded to a 3*. It is the HI at 1500 East Market. By the way, HOTWIRE had a 3* at $79 and a 2* at $65.
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