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  1. I am confused about the different zones. Sheraton seems to be listed in two different zones.
  2. It appears that Raleigh has added a new zone. Cary has been split to North and South.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I have to go on those days for a conference. I would prefer not to split it up as I don't want to end up with different hotels and have to move luggage. I'll get something. I'll keep bidding until I get something. Thanks.
  4. Millenium-Loop-Grant Park, Greater Chicago, North Michigan Ave-River 4* $230 3* $130 Rejected. Must be lots of conferences or something.
  5. Hi, First off, let me say that I love Priceline and I love betterbidding.com. They have saved me lots of money. I do have a couple of comments/questions regarding hotel reward programs such as starwood, hilton, hyatt. Most hotels do not seem to honor priceline stays for points and other benefits. Some hotel reward programs will routinely give significant free upgrades to their rooms if you participate in their program. Sometimes the hotel room will be upgraded to a much larger suite. This is not the case for priceline stays, and often you are stuck with the less desired rooms in the hote
  6. Used PRICELINE link above. Last night I bid 4* FQ $90, then downtown and FQ $90. Used rebids in other zones going up by $10 per rebid until I got the Westin for $130. I probably should have waited a couple of days, but the deadline for cancellation for my backup plan was today so I wanted to get something before that time. I will have to change hotels during my stay (Hilton Riverside 4/30-5/3) but I did save a few bucks.
  7. 4* New Orleans (Downtown-Convention Center) Hilton Riverside First bid $70 accepted for 4* FQ/Downtown. Still unable to get 5/4. Will have to split my stay. I hope I can get 5/4 later. I have a backup at the Marriott New Orleans at $239/night with the conference that I am attending. Regardless, Priceline (with the Betterbidding forum's help) has saved me quite a bit. PRICELINE link above used. Thanks "chen" for your help in the JazzFest thread.
  8. Thanks. Yes you are right. Hilton Riverside 4/30-5/3 for $70/night first bid. I can figure out what to do 5/4 or just stay out all night. Thanks again. Moderator- Yes, I did use the PRICELINE link above. Also, anybody have any luck with 5/3-5/4 for either a 3 or 4 star hotel FQ/downtown? I tried bidding up to $95 for 4* and $87 for 3* no luck.
  9. I tried FQ and downtown 4* up to $175 today for reservations 4/30-5/4. No luck. Bid on FQ 3* to $100 for 4/30-5/4. No luck
  10. I've bid up to $138 4* FQ and downtown with no acceptance for 4/30-5/4/08 I tried 3 * FQ and downtown up to $85 no luck. Is it probably better to wait or buy now? Does availability drop over time and prices just go up and up or do they fluctuate? Thanks in advance for your help.
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