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  1. Thanks for the strategy. Yes I will make sure I post a follow up either way. Sorry about past threads. I believe I just did not post again because I did not go through with anything. But I will post again with this.
  2. Would like some advice on strategy for bidding on Priceline for a 4* hotel for 06/30/08 - 07/07/08. I am hoping I can get something under $100 and definitly want a 4*. I have not seen on the boards where anyone has won anything lately for this particular time period. It is during the Jazz festival so I want to book now to make sure I have something and plenty of time to rebid if necessary. Thanks
  3. Thanks...I see the prices are high wondering if something is going on in the city or not.
  4. blindman ..thanks for the heads up. If possible up to $150
  5. Decided on a last minute trip to NY looking to bid on a hotel. Looking at 4* or 5* MTE, MTW. Looking for bidding strategy. Thanks
  6. Need to book downtown Ft Lauderdale 01/01/07 -01/-2/07 prefer 4* or 3.5* or 3* acceptable Writing this from cruise ship. Want to spend a night down town area prefer not to exceed $150 Startegy plse for priceline...suggestions re Hotwire Thanks
  7. before I try, From your experince Thereuare what do you think would be the best rate I could get? Would $150 be reasonable or am I really looking at $200 or more?
  8. Thereuare- I made a mistake sorry. Only need the room June 11th -14th (I will be travelling June 9th but going upstate). To answer your questions: Sorry my mistake also here with I have a Hotwire vocabulary but thinking Priceline. I do want MTE and MTW. No I have no backup reservations at all. Would love to get the Grand Hyatt because the last time I was there I was made to wait for my room longer than anyone else as a "Priceline customer" and I complained, and management has told me the next time I book there to contact them directly when I arrive so they can make amends for that situation. So maybe I will be afforded a bit a luxury :) at a Priceline price. Would prefer not to split.
  9. I meant to say plan to trygetting something on Priceline. Can you plse suggest bidding strategy thanks
  10. I checked Hotwire and the prices are over 250. Looking for a hotel MTE, MTW or Times SQ June 9-14 Prefer 4* $120 range or less
  11. Not sure if it is too late for your trip to answer this but I have been and really enjoyed it. We heard the Harem Gospel Choir and the food was very good.
  12. Just wondering what dates you have booked. I have won this hotel in the past at $120 and plan to try again for Jan 20th-23rd
  13. Looking at hotels on Hotwire in downtown Toronto Oct 29-Nov1/05 Here is what is showing: 4* $76 restaurant, pool, fitness, spa, bus center 3.5* $77 retaurant, pool, fitness, spa, children's activitiy, bus center Which hotels do you think these are Intercontinental & Shearaton maybe?
  14. Won Hilton Times Square Aug 27-30/05 $115 thereuare - I had great luck! I bid MTW 4* for $110 and it was rejected. Then I re-bid $115 adding Upper West (knowing there were no 4* there) and I won the Hilton Times Sq with that bid. I booked it via the Savings Barn link. Once again thanks for your help. I am elated.
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