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  1. I'm now closer to the convention and rates appear to have gone up. I did secure a cancellable reservation at Embassy Suites for $215 through the convention. Today tried a $120 and $130 bid for NMA & Loop areas but failed. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Thanks AAronJB. I appreciate the thought. We actually really like the Gold Coast area of town very much, and convention busses pick up at major hotels, so I could probably just walk to the Drake from there, but Hotel Indigo allows pets, and I have a horrible cat allergy. Last time I stayed at a Wyndham that allowed pets, I vowed that no amount of savings is worth getting sick for a week again, so that's out. Anyway, I've got a ways to go between $140 (my last bid) and my next best option, so I'm guessing I'll just keep upping my bid for a little bit. If that doesn't work, I'm not sure whether to pick an amount and bid it regularly and hope that inventory eventually becomes available at that price, or just wait and gamble closer to the date of the convention. If anyone has thoughts or experience on either strategy I'd love to hear opinions. Also, in scenario (a), what amount makes sense? (I know no-one has a crystal ball here, I'm just interested in other people's educated thoughts and opinions.)
  3. Thank you both. I've never used Quickbook. Is cancelling pretty easy and straightforward? Also, what's a typical range for winning bids on a 4* in these zones during a big convention? I know they vary, but I'm just not that familiar with Chicago rates during big conventions.
  4. All good ideas, but I'm bringing my wife to the convention and we like to stay in the North Michigan, Loop, or Gold Coast zones. I know online housing for the convention closes on Sept 28, but I don't know if that opens up a bunch of rooms to priceline or not. Like you said, without a reasonably priced backup, I'm not sure what the best strategy is here.
  5. I'm going to Chicago for the Worldwide Food Expo (a very large convention) 10/24-10/28. So far I've bid the North Michigan and Loop areas up to $135 with no luck. Are there any strategies for booking times and/or prices around a large convention? For example, the day the convention rate drops off, do rooms become available cheaper? Am I too far out to get a good rate right now? etc.
  6. $50 bid rejected. A counteroffer was offered if I added $14. Instead I rebid the next day for $55 and won.
  7. Hilton Anatole in Love Field area May 9-11 for $62 per night. Amenities listed: CUSTOMER FAVORITE Fitness, Restaurant, High Speed, Pool, Business Center, Tennis
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