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  1. I'm confused. How could you bid on a resort and win a 4* hotel? That's impossible based on the rules for PRICELINE. Are you saying the Marriott is a 4* on the retail list, but a resort for name your own price? I've never heard of that either.
  2. This hotel is not on the list. Lowest advanced rate at bestwestern.com is $132. To make this deal better I am using a $20 off coupon from the Entertainment Book. Priceline doesn't even offer a bidding zone in Bandon. Reviews look good. Only amenity listed for this property is high speed internet.
  3. Used the BB PRICELINE link to start the bidding. Failed bids for a 3.5* up to $60 for EWR airport, and $60 for a 3* in Elizabeth. Saw the Country Inn on Hotwire for $63 so I dropped to a 2.5* in the Elizabeth zone. Received a counteroffer at $45 and raised the bid a dollar at a time and hit on $48. I find it interesting that Elizabeth has its own bidding zone that's separate from EWR airport, although the hotels in both zones are good for an airport stay and have shuttles. Just something to look for if one needs a room at the airport.
  4. I used the PRICELINE link to start the bidding. I actually paid $87 per night + $10 in bonus cash. Received a counteroffer starting at $80 + $10 and just upped the bid a couple at a time with all the free rebid zones. Lowest advanced rate for these dates is $208 a night. Looks like a great hotel and location for a New Year's getaway.
  5. We have rented a nice ocean view condo (1200 sq ft) through vrbo at the Ocean Club. The cost was $1800 total including tax. Going directly through the OC website the price for the same unit would have been $4,700.
  6. I've been researching TCI and I doubt there are any deals through Priceline's NYOP. For starters Hotwire doesn't even participate in the TCI. Priceline lists 7 hotels on their Provo list and only 5 have star values (two 4*, two 3* and one 1*). Not many considering there's dozens of hotels/resorts on the island. I have booked airfare for 8 nights in April (17-25). I've bid up to $160 a night for a 4*, even splitting the 8 days into 4 and 4. I'm not going any higher because there are some deals booking direct. Dropping to a 3.5* is risky because I don't see any listed and no way I'm going to a 3* with the Comfort Suites lurking out there. What I find puzzling is Priceline offers all star levels in the NYOP section. Oh yes, I did use the BetterBidding PRICELINE link to start the bidding.
  7. I started my purchase using your HOTWIRE link. I don't see this hotel on the list. Booked on 7/9/10 for one night checking in 7/27/10. $135 + 20.97 = 155.97 I will be using the $20 coupon from the Entertainment Book. Final cost will be $135.97. Amenities: Slopeside Ski Lift Smoke Free Rooms Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Laundry Facilities Lowest rack rate on the Alpenhof Lodge web site is $229 + 25.19 = $254.19 Total Savings for this night will be $118.92. Not bad for the Jackson Hole area. Reviews are good on tripadvisor so I'm happy with this purchase. Thanks for your services!
  8. To make this an even better deal, I am using HOTWIRE's $10 coupon from the Entertainment Book which drops the room rate to $29. Rack rate is $70 for this evening. I thought about booking on the strip, but this location is good for returning a rental car to the airport. Not to mention South Point gets great reviews. Not sure why a pool isn't listed among the amenities. Amenities: Casino Business Center Fitness Center High-Speed Internet Restaurant(s) Golf Nearby
  9. I had tried for a week or so to win 6 nights in Cancun. I started low at $80 and worked up to the winning bid. I received a counteroffer at $120 and then again at $125 to raise my bid $22. I finally hit at $127. This is not a huge savings as their internet special rate is only $169. More importantly, the reviews do look nice, so who's complaining.
  10. Greetings thereuare! This hotel is located in the Fort Lauderdale Airport Zone (FLL). Our stay was on 6/29/07.
  11. FWIW, we just got back from the newly renovated 2.5* Springhill Suites (FLL) and it was great. Marriott took over last year. I have a review posted with pictures on tripadvisor. This hotel is listed under Dania. Our winning bid was for $72 on a Friday night. The lowest rack rates were in the $139-149 range. Keep in mind Fridays are very busy with all the cruise ships departing on Saturday. Hotwire showed this place much cheaper during the week.
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