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  1. first bid $40 3.5 star somerset-new brunswick area won the crowne plaza hotel. Excellent deal IMHO . Pretty nice hotel with great amenities. Its an older property but it has lots of facilities such as a great pool, excellent workout room with lots of machines, and a nice bar/restaurant. For $40 during the weekdays in centeral Jersey it is an amazing value. You can tell it use to be a marriott, but it probably got too old for them but its an excellent value for $40 especially during the week.
  2. If i dont win the bid does the bonus cash remain in my account for a future use or do i loose it?
  3. i decided to buy the holiday inn in rutland. it was a great deal at 44 dollars and i had no way to know what the other hotel was. I can confirm that the holiday inn showed up with all the same icons are described. it was a great hotel. no complaints very friendly staff.
  4. for the record i have stayed at this ramada its not that bad. it is actually pleasant inside but it is in one of the less desirable parts of town. every city has these areas. It is pretty far form downtown at least like 20 minutes. the location is not park city or downtown salt lake city but its stayable. i never felt unsafe granted its not the best aprt of town and i am from NYC so i am always observant to my surroundings. if you dont need to be in Draper or are a picky patron than i would recommend downtown it has fabulous hotels often at a bargain on priceline and hotwire. basically i would not recommend this hotel if i did not have to be in that location downtown offers many better options at a cheaper price.
  5. I see a hotel on hotwire for killington, vt it is a three star hotel that list the amenities as pool, restaurant, and spa only. the dates are april 12-15. Any one have a guess what hotel this is? it is oviously not the cortina so im guessin the inn of the six mountains or the grand killington? any guesses would be greatly appreciated. if i purchase it i will let you all know what it is.
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