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  1. 3*. I just called the resort for clarification of my room since they offer a hotel, lodges, condos, and villas. I was told that I would be in a villa.
  2. My highest rejected bid before this win was $100. The greater Myrtle Beach area is terrific for rebidding because there are many zones and few have 3* or 4* lodging.
  3. Was trying for the Hilton, where which we won through Priceline last year. Started at $70 and kept adding free re-bid zones until I won this hotel. Not sure what to make of the win. Kingston Plantation Condos is part of the Embassy Suites chain, put Priceline is quick to point out the the room is in the condo portion not the Embassy Suites hotel that is part of the property. Apparently the condos can vary greatly in size and quality. The Priceline customer reviews of this property are not great. I would appreciate any input from someone whose stayed there. Thanks, Kim
  4. Thanks! I've reserved a good rate ($215 for 4 people) with my Entertainment Card for Crowne Plaza Times Square. I'm not sure about the quality of this hotel although it is rated 4*. Until the trip, I'm going to keep playing around with Hotwire and EasyClick to see what pops up. Southgate looks really nice. Would you say which these hotels you would prefer: Southgate or Crowne Plaze TS? I can't do Priceline because it will be 4 people traveling.
  5. Since registering for a conference at the Hilton Lincoln Center (also in the Galleria area) one month ago, I have been bidding on Priceline hoping to get a room for less than the $129 rate for the conference. A couple of weeks ago, I was up to $100 with no takers. Tried again on Friday starting with $74 and won this hotel. There is a long-running debate about when to bid for a room, and I know some view it bidding as far out as possible as the best strategy. In my experience, I have found that this varies. It seems like low bids greater than 6 months out often get accepted and that low b
  6. First time I've seen this property. Was hoping to get a 2* closer to the beach and added MB West because no 2*'s were listed in the area. Guess Priceline is always adding new places. The website to this property looks good. We'll see.
  7. Bid up to $62 for a 3* and was rejected. Won this on first attempt at 2*. Probably an overbid, but the hotel's webrate (lowest rate available) was listed as $62.
  8. Initial bid of $65 for Resort class was rejected with a message that for an increase of $17 I could rebid without adding additional star levels or changing dates (normally required for rebidding). I declined and rebid at the 3* level at a bid of $70 and won this booking.
  9. Got up to $100 bidding at all star levels in all areas near Myrtle Beach except for Pawley's Island. Started new bidding round at 3* level for Myrtle Beach Area and Pawley's Island Area at $120 and won this hotel.
  10. It was a day ahead. I was allowed to bid, but rejected. The stay was nice with beautiful weather.
  11. Yes, indeed it is. It is at the north end of the Myrtle Beach Area zone, which is south of the North Myrtle Beach Zone. Confusing, isn't it? What most people don't realize is that NMB is a completely separate city from MB. So, it is possible to stay in the north of Myrtle Beach without being in North Myrtle Beach.
  12. Refused at $50 for 3* hotels on this date. This is the day of the annual Brewgrass Festival (beer and bluegrass), so I didn't expect to find a room and certainly not at this price. Guess it pays to book early.
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