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  1. Tried bidding at $25 but failed. Was on the road with little time so moved over to Express Deals, Ended up just booking with the regular PRICELINE offer was slightly less than booking with PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals. Offer Price:$31.64/night Number of rooms:1 Room Number of nights:1 Night Room Subtotal:$31.64 Taxes & Fees:$9.13 Total Charged:$40.77 I've stayed at this property a number of times, and always bid to obtain the best deal. The front desk told me they changed hands six months ago. Began bidding following the PRICELINE link on Better Bidding.
  2. I bid from $45 up to a final bid of $57 before I got this hotel. There are many zones with just three stars which made multiple bids easy. Offer Price:$57.00/night Number of rooms:1 Room Number of nights:1 Night Room Subtotal:$57.00 Taxes & Fees:$16.93 Total Charged:$73.93 Booking on their website the total with taxes would have been $114. This is a pretty good savings off of this price. A bad point with this hotel is the high parking fee if you happen to have a car with you. We ended up returning our rental car a few hours early to avoid this charge, and then took the free bus (U3) to our terminal. Began my bidding with the PRICELINE link above.
  3. I began bidding in Junction City, KS at $30 and bid up in increments of $2 for zones 1 to 7, and then for zone 8, I went from $42 to $45 for my final bid and won it. The total price is $56.92 with fees. The price booking through the hotel's website is $123.85. I used the PRICELINE link at the top of this site to begin my bidding each time. This is a great find!
  4. The amenities are: Free Internet, Free Parking, Business Center, Fitness Center, Non-Smoking, Restaurant and Swimming Pool. I tried bidding up to $70 using four zones, but failed to get the hotel. I was quite confident it would be this hotel, and the rating for it under PRICELINE EXPRESS was Exceptional 9+. The price of this hotel with taxes was a total of $95.97. The price of the same room booking directly through their website would be $130.66 + 16.99 in fees for a total of $147.65. Over the last few days I've used your site and the links at the top multiple times in trying to find a hotel for our trip back home -- heading West.
  5. I bid $75, $78 and $82 and failed on each bid, so I went with this PRICELINE EXPRESS deal. I mainly did this because they had provided me with a 10% discount from my last trip to Ohio in early May. This dropped the price to the following: Room Price:$95.00/night Number of rooms:1 Room Number of nights:1 Night Room Subtotal:$95.00 Taxes & Fees:$18.31 Coupon:$-9.50 Total Charged:$103.81 It would have been $113.31 without the discount. Booking on their website the total with taxes would have been $159.55. This is a pretty good savings off of this price. The amenities prior to purchase were: Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Free Internet, Pets Allowed, Fitness Center, Shuttle, No Smoking, Pool and Guest Score of 8+. Began my bidding with the PRICELINE link above.
  6. Telluride is unusual in that no other zones are added. You have one option and that is it. I actually set it to 3.5 stars but won a four star property on my first bid of $110. Offer Price:$110.00/night Number of rooms:1 Room Number of nights:1 Night Room Subtotal:$104.32 Hotel Fee1:$5.68 Taxes & Fees:$29.25 Total Charged Today:$133.57 Total Cost:$139.25 This would be $182.12 booking on their website. Most other sites I checked like Expedia, Hotels.com, etc. showed a price of $169 without taxes so it would be more than booking on their site after taxes are applied. When I arrived I happened to mention that we were there to celebrate our 34th Wedding Anniversary. About ten minutes after getting to our room they called and offered to upgrade us. And boy did they ever! We went from a very small room, to a One Bedroom Suite. This would be a charge of $257.61 if booked on their site. And it is VERY impressive. Gas fireplace. Kitchen. Dining area. Living room. Awesome bedroom with king size bed. Very well appointed bathroom with large stone tiles. Needless to say we are extremely pleased. Began our booking with the PRICELINE link from this site.
  7. The listed amenities are: Pets allowed, Free Parkking, Internet, Breakfast, Rooms / Facilities. Rated 8.0 out of 10.0.
  8. Tried and tried to get a good deal in this area with bidding, but did it just tonight, not multiple days. Finally opted to use PRICELINE EXPRESS and got the Comfort Inn. The amenities are: Air conditioning Bus parking Cable television Coffee/Tea maker Complimentary full american breakfast Free movies/video Hairdryer Handicap rooms High speed internet connection Iron Non-smoking Onsite laundry Outdoor parking Parking Pay per view movies on TV Pets allowed Safe deposit box Telephone Wireless internet connection Total was $91.86. The price booking directly with the hotel would be $95.55 with the taxes. So the savings is the smallest I've ever received using Priceline. In a case like this it is not worth it since with priceline you don't know what you are getting. Better to book directly with the hotel. Used the PRICELINE link above to begin my bidding.
  9. Tried bidding about three nights in a row with multiple bids up to $80. All failed, so I opted to just go with this Express Deal at $90.00. Room price:$90.00 avg./night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:1 night Room subtotal:$90.00 Taxes & fees:$19.33 Total charged today:$109.33 Amenities: Free Breakfast Free Internet (in Room) Free Parking Indoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Handicap Accessible Business Center Used the bidding helper above to commence my bidding each time. This is not the best deal, but with many attempts in the surrounding area I was getting nothing so there comes a point where the time is worth more than the benefit of the lower price. The price is $141.40 using the Holiday Inn Express website. It would have been $129 ($146 with all fees) booked using the normal Priceline List View. In other words, I got a 23% savings using Priceline Express. This hotel is rated #1 of sixteen hotels in this area. So I'm hoping it will be awesome and well worth the price paid.
  10. I began bidding on May 3rd and bid through prices from $50 to $60 the first night, then tried the second night (5/4) and bid from $56 to $66. Both series of bids failed. Tonight I started bidding at $64 and then won at $67. It was accepted. The hotel is $106 on the regular PRICELINE list. On PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals it is probably the $72 hotel that is 3 Star. It is $104 without taxes on their website. Offer price:$67.00/night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:1 night Room subtotal:$67.00 Taxes & fees:$14.72 Total charged today:$81.72 I'm pleased with the win. This hotel is ranked #1 on TripAdvisor for York, NE. I began my work on this each time from your website using the PRICELINE links above.
  11. Courtyard By Marriott Denver South/Park Meadows Mall It started at $40 and did multiple bids until I finally got it at the $55. Used the link here to get into PRICELINE. The price of this hotel is $89 if you book directly through their website.
  12. I started by bidding $50 and added Ankeny (max 2.5 star area) at $52 and got it immediately. After the $50 bid they said I could bid again if I set it to $59 so it was a sure fire win when that happens. The normal Price.line List View had the same property for $129. Going to the Marriott site gives a price of $169 ($189.28 with taxes/fees). Deal type: Name Your Own Price Offer price: $52.00 /night Number of rooms: 1 room Number of nights: 1 night Room subtotal: $52.00 Taxes & fees: $12.03 Total charged today: $64.03 In other words, I ended up paying 33% of the price on their website. That is an awesome deal! I began my bidding via the PRICELINE link on this site.
  13. I began bidding at $60 and then went to $62 and finally got it at $65. I'm very happy with this win. See my other post for the price if you bought it directly from the hotel. Deal type: Name Your Own Price Offer price: $65.00 /night Number of rooms: 1 room Number of nights: 1 night Room subtotal: $65.00 Taxes & fees: $13.90 Total charged today: $78.90 Used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link at the top to commence searching.
  14. I booked this knowing that I had four potential bids today. I started with $40, and finally hit $50 on the third bid, and won. I ended up with an awesome Hampton Inn with great reviews. Purchasing this on their website results in a bill of about $140 after taxes. Deal type: Name Your Own Price Offer price: $50.00 /night Number of rooms: 1 room Number of nights: 2 nights Room subtotal: $100.00 Taxes & fees: $21.30 Total charged today: $121.30 I used the PRICELINE link above to start my bidding.
  15. I attempted to get a hotel by bidding and went as high as $58 without success. I finally opted to purchase the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals hotel they offered. The price was $72 I checked the hotel's website and pre-paying would get you the same room at $127. If you did not pre-pay it would be $139. This hotel gets excellent reviews on TripAdvisor. It ended up being in Mount Prospect and not in Arlington Heights, which is very unfortunate. We were hoping for a hotel on route 90. This will take extra time, but it does include an airport shuttle which will save some serious taxi dollars for our guest. I used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link at the top to begin searching.
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