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  1. Now then, if this is correct, which I believe it probably is, then if we could find out the tax rate and the service fee on a successful bid, then we could hypothetically know exactly the lowest rate they would've taken, or again, exactly what Priceline is paying the hotel. How could we find out the tax rate? Shouldn't the percentage rate be the same as if I had bought the room at retail? Figuring this out, if all is accurate, would give one a lot of information as to exactly what particular hotels are accepting and one could really hone their bids. Any thoughts?
  2. Didn't use Priceline for the hotel part. Here's what I did though. A few months back Orbitz was giving 100.00 credit on 5 night stays. I found the Virginian Suites (across from the National Cemetary) at 72.00 per night, which was ultra cheap then, maybe even a mistake. Regular about 140.+ per night. This was for a one bedroom suite and incl. breakfast AND parking. Booked two consecutive 5 night stays (to get the 100 credit twice) and wound up paying about 61.00 per night all-in.
  3. Total for each 3 day rental was only 52.00 Staying in the area for about a week and a half (tourism) and so was looking for a way to get a cheap car and decided go for the weekends and use the metro during the week. This is a helluva deal as the published rates right now are 40.00 + per day. Hope you all can get similar. Checked Hotwire first and noticed they were only 16.95 per day. So I low-balled 'em and got lucky. :)
  4. The Hotel on Hotwire is a 2.5* and offers Comp. Breakfast, Laundry, and Fitness.
  5. After doing some research :) Priceline is offering the Temple Hills/Andrews AFB Holiday Inn Express (2*) at 92.00 per night on their website. When I checked what's available in Name Your Own Price, there is only one 2* Suitland, MD. I think Hotwire is offering this same hotel (by checking the amenities against the Hotel website and Priceline) at 69 per night . If Hotwire is offering at 69. per night, what would be a good bid on Priceline? any ideas? and is my research right?
  6. Thanks in advance to those who respond. My wife and I are planning a trip to DC late summer (nine nights - don't know if the length of stay helps or hinders our chances). We'll have a car and would like to stay at a Holiday Inn Express mostly for the free breakfasts and free parking. We plan on driving to an outer metro station and taking it in for the sights. Any of those in the DC area would be fine, as they seem to all get pretty good reviews. Is there a way to narrow it down to have a decent chance of getting this? I know that when you make a bid it could be one of several hotels. I do understand that risk. But just wondering what should be my strategy if we would like to stay at one of those properties. Any help would be appreciated since I'm way new at this. Major Kudos for your sight :)
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