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  1. This is a 2.5 star hotel in the Hollywood area. It lists for $65/night for two adults and two children from July 19th until July 23rd. It lists free wifi, business center, nonsmoking rooms and kitchenette as the amenties. Does anyone have any ideas? It is new to Hotwire. Thank you all in advance!
  2. Very pleased with this win for 2adults/2children. Hope this info helps someone else.
  3. For the life of me, I can not figure out what it is. It is a 2 star beachfront property with a pool and business center. It is $133/night for 2 adults and 2 children on April 15-17th. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you for your time!
  4. Sorry everyone! I chickened out and did not purchase a hotel. I wound up staying with a friend.
  5. The rate is $99/night. Dates are July 26th through July 30th, 2 adults, 2 children. Amenities include: Resort, Suite, 2 BR, Kitchenette, No Smoking, Breakfast, AC, and Condo. Thanks everyone!
  6. Sorry - checked messages and do not understand what I need to do. I already modified a post about Laundry. What am I missing?
  7. It is listed as a 3 star hotel, with breakfast, pool, laundry, internet and fitness center. My dates on 7/13/09 for two nights, departing on 7/15/09. It is giving me a rate of $79/night for two adults and two children. Has anyone hit on this one before? Thanks everyone.
  8. On 6/21/09, I got a room for two adults at this hotel for $48. The amenities include: Boutique hotel, free breakfast, internet, and all rooms non smoking. I'm very pleased.
  9. We wound up changing our plans and not staying in New Orleans, but thank you everyone for the advice!
  10. Thank you for all of your help. However, I chickened out and went for the sure thing. I used this site's link to HOTWIRE and got a second room at the Holiday Inn Express Earl's Court. I'm glad I did. I had a wonderful experience there. I was able to get the hotel for $85 USD/night - a fourth of the rack rate.
  11. My dates are 5/1/09 for three nights, departing on 5/4/09. I requested one room for two adults and two children. There is a 2 star hotel (seaside area) for $69/night. The amenities include pool, restaurant, and tennis nearby. I've done a Google search and nothing has turned up. Any ideas anyone? Thank you for you assistance.
  12. I've purchased a room on HOTWIRE (through this site's link, of course) for three adults, and was given a room with one king sized bed- no room for negotiation. You must be careful. Maybe asking for a room to sleep three adults and one child would ensure a room with two beds - or is that a no-no when you actually have a party of three?
  13. Okay, guys, I need some confidence. Now the 4 star Regent's Park/Camden Lock that seems to be the same price as the HI Camden Lock is offering "no smoking hotel" as one of the amenities. Otherwise it is a same match for what we thought was the HI Camden Lock last week. The South Bank hotel is still the same, but again, I got a letter from Hotwire, stating they were giving me a partial refund on a prior HI Express purchase, because it should now be a 2.5, not a 3 star hotel. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO! Usually I just jump right on a bargain, but for some reason, I'm really hesitant this time. This will be my first and probably only trip to London with my daughter and her friends. Thanks BTW - I requested two rooms for four adults and four children arriving 21 Feb 2009 for five nights, departing on 26 Feb 2009. What I really want is the Marriott County Hall for a HI Express price- oh well, I can dream, can't I?
  14. Thank you for your help. I am now torn between another hotel for the exact same party size and dates. There is a 3 star - South Bank- that has breakfast and internet access. It is $68/night/room. I don't need fancy, but I do need nice and convenient. Does anyone out there know which area Regent's Park/Camden Lock or South Bank would be better for first time tourists? I would like Westminster, but definitely can not afford it. BTW, this is a high school senior trip chaperoned by a bunch of old people. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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