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  1. Currently the website LAN.com features an maybe interesting error. For whatever reason it does not charge the ever-raising fuel surcharge for tickets purchased through that site. Given the fact that this surcharge can be as high as $300 or more on international itineraries, the savings going through this website can be substantial. To take advantage of it: - go to LAN.com - Choose the US-version - click on "Multi City" - Choose your origin and destination You may need to "play around" with it by adding or removing segments to get what you actually want...and some notes on this you may want to consider: - LAN.com is based on Amadeus, so anything that can be booked there can (in general) be booked on LAN.com as well. - exception: it has proven impossible to book children or infants - book those passengers as Adults. - exception: SOME itineraries that can be selected and priced cannot be purchased successfully, e.g. a 30
  2. After monitoring rates at the Venetian for some time now (and continuously receiving counteroffers at $207) today I noticed a $40 drop in the retail rates, so I decided to bid my missing night again. Started at $139, received a counter of $177 then went up in $2-3 increments to be successful at $159. Received the Venetian again which I already had for the remainder of my stay in Las Vegas (as mentioned in this Priceline Las Vegas thread): The Venetian Las Vegas Strip Vicinity North 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 702-414-1000 Check-In Date: Sat, May 10, 2008 / After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Sun, May 11, 2008 / 11:00 AM Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $159.00 Subtotal: $318.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $43.48 Total Charges*: $361.48 So now everything is settled for our vacation in May... Greetings - Dirk
  3. Started finalizing my trip to the westcoast in May and decided to splurge a little on the start of our vacation, so based on the recent winning bids I decided to shoot very low. For some weeks now I always got a counter-offer of $273 which changed to $226 about a week ago. Yesterday I started bidding again and was now countered with $155 which signalled me that there must have been a new round of price cuts. Decided to now "pull the trigger", so I bid $139 and was accepted at the Venetian: The Venetian Las Vegas Strip Vicinity North 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 702-414-1000 Check-In Date: Sun, May 11, 2008 / After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Wed, May 14, 2008 / 11:00 AM Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $139.00 Subtotal: $834.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $102.54 Total Charges*: $936.54 Bid for two rooms and was offered to extend my stay, yet the request for the preceeding night came back with a $266 counteroffer, so I assume the Saturday night would be ~$100 more than the weeknights I booked now. Greetings - Dirk
  4. Just found that on ft.com: Continental has what most likely is an error-fare for BWI-HNL, currently pricing at Expedia.com or Travelocity.com at $246.70 all-in, routing e.g. BWI-EWR-HNL and back. Books into L-class with decent availability for both February and March (the month' I checked). Hope someone here can benefit from that... Greetings - Dirk P.S.: Happy New Year to everyone!
  5. At least for the co.uk-site I can confirm that they operate on the same database as the .com-site, so in that case it is definetly only a case of converting US-Dollars to UK-Pounds... Greetings - Dirk
  6. Because of a change in the mode of transportation (from rental car to train) to get to AMS airport we needed a hotel near or at AMS for the night before our flight. Got the Crowne Plaza through Priceline which is considered a four star. Hotel is a about five minutes ride with their Shuttle away from the airport, and the Shuttle runs on schedule twice an hour between 6am and 11:30pm leaving the airport at :15 and :45 and the hotel at :00 and :30 every hour. Be aware that they recently changed from offering the Shuttle complimentary to a model of free from the airport and 5 Euro from the hotel. On checkin however we received a set of complimentary tickets because the change was so recent (instated on 12/3). We were asked about room preferences at Check-In and received the requested two bedded room. Asked about an upgrade to their club floor but declined because of the 50
  7. Just read this on flyertalk: The Wyndham EWR is becoming a Doubletree by November 7th: http://doubletree.hilton.com/en/dt/hotels/...ctyhocn=EWRDTDT So for stays November 7th or later you have to check hilton.com... Greetings - Dirk
  8. HNL-LIH is about $150, or can be even as low as $115 roundtrip if you travel through 9/15 on Aloha. EWR-HNL on AA runs at $359 on AA, WAS-HNL $319 on DL and NW. OGG-LIH is about $145, and fares from EWR or WAS are the same as mentioned above. From PHL, OGG is $386 on CO. Finally a through-fare on UA from EWR to LIH will run at about $469 with UA. All fares are plus tax. Availability is spotty and will most likely require a specialist (read: Travel agent or experienced flyertalker...;-)) to get that booked. Btw: If you go with NW (e.g. from IAD/DCA) you can register for their double miles promo yielding quite a chunk of miles. And if you have a certificate from Northwest (PD964 or PD929) you can apply that to that fares as well bringin down the cost considerably...check your junk mail for those. Greetings - Dirk
  9. Same co-worker, same trip as mentioned in my SFO-post, different location :). He needed two rooms in Fresno. Checked Hotwire and they had pretty reasonable rates so we decided to try 3* first. Started at $50 for the Fresno-zone only but were rejected, added Pinedale for $52 and got rejected again, so raised to $55 by adding Fresno West and were accepted at: Radisson Hotel And Conference Center Fresno Zone: Fresno 2233 Ventura Avenue Fresno, California 93721 559-268-1000 Check-In Date: Tue, Sep 27, 2005 Check-In Time: After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Fri, Sep 30, 2005 Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM Your Offer Price: $55.00 Number of Rooms: 2 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $330.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $52.56 Total Charges: $382.56 I was hoping for the Radisson and not for the Sheraton Four Points (I personally detest the Four Points chain) and this time my prayers were honored...,-). Worked out as planned, and at a very decent rate. Greetings - Dirk
  10. One of my co-workers is doing a west-coast trip, and for his final nights in San Francisco he was looking for some place near the airport (to get used to the fact he has to go home soon;-)). We started at $35 for a three star but were rejected, so we added a downtown-zone (not sure which and more) and were accepted at: Holiday Inn Sfo Intl Arpt San Francisco Airport (SFO) 275 South Airport Blvd South San Francisco, California 94080 650-873-3550 Check-In Date: Mon, Oct 3, 2005 Check-In Time: After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Thu, Oct 6, 2005 Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM Your Offer Price: $37.00 Number of Rooms: 2 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $222.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $40.80 Total Charges: $262.80 He's happy with that - I am not so happy as I had preferred one of the other hotels around. But as he is staying there his opinion most certainly prevails. And this hotel has free parking, saving a few bucks as well... Greetings - Dirk
  11. Yes, everything is now set up for our January-trip - pretty early, I know...;-)! Sister is pretty happy about the hotels we got (she has never stayed at a Sheraton or such) and is really going nuts about this upcoming trip... I am now preparing my trip to Shanghai in February and need some hotels to go along with my 30
  12. After seeing the wins for the Residence Inn in the Alexandria-Mt. Vernon zone posted here I decided to try my luck there. As time is still on my side I decided to start lower than the winning bid posted with my initial bid of $42 for a 2.5*, which was counteroffered with a $12 raise to win. Added White House area and raised to $45 and was accepted and upgraded to 3*: Sheraton Suites Old Town Alexandria Zone: Alexandria - Mt. Vernon 801 N Saint Asaph Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Tel.: 703-836-4700 Check-In Date: Sat, Jan 7, 2006 Check-In Time: After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Mon, Jan 9, 2006 Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM Your Offer Price: $45.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $90.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $20.15 Total Charges: $110.15 Nice deal, and they are offering a free shuttle to both the DCA-airport and the metro. If I can get my flights changed to DCA from IAD this will even save me a day of rental car... Place looks very nice on the pictures and also features the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed I am really looking forward to try (the Westin heavenly bed is still my favourite...) Greetings - Dirk
  13. Just as a reference point - seems it is too early to get something reasonable for my dates in early January next year. Tried all 4*-areas within D.C. area but was rejected, and pretty quickly at that. Regular rates are not too bad, but Hotwire also only shows sparse availability - the only four star they have (most likely the Intercontinental) runs at over $300 a night. I'm thinking about lowering qulality to three stars, but as time is on my side and I still have many month of bidding before my trip, I think I will keep bidding once in a while for a four star for the foreseeable future... Greetings - Dirk
  14. Finished bidding for Atlanta today securing our room for the last two nights we are there. Was looking for a place somewhere in the Perimeter-area as this is very convenient to the places I want to go. Started out with three stars there and bid up to $45 (not wanting to pay more because I assumed that I could get a hotel at the airport for $40) with no luck, so after reviewing the successful bids around here and decided that 2.5* will be acceptable as well. Started at $40, was counteroffered to raise $13, declined that offer and raised to $43 by adding Union City and received: Residence Inn Atlanta Dunwoody Zone: Perimeter 1901 Savoy Drive Chamblee, Georgia 30341 770-455-4446 Check-In Date: Tue, Jan 10, 2006 Check-In Time: After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Thu, Jan 12, 2006 Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM Your Offer Price: $43.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $86.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $20.11 Total Charges: $106.11 Just what I wanted...;-)! Breakfast included, free parking, close to I-285 and free Internet. Luckily the hotel has a sleeper-sofa in every room so I can refrain from getting a second room - but even if I had to that would have been OK as the saving would have still been substantial vs. my other options. FWIW, regular rates for the Studio on my dates run at $149. Greetings - Dirk
  15. Going forward with the plans for our holiday in Januray I bid for a four star at ATL airport (hoping for the Renaissance that offers breathtaking views of departing/arriving aircraft) but gpt rejected up to $65. So decided to lower quality to 3*, bid $35, was rejected, added West-zone and raised to $38 to be rejected again, then tried $40 and was accepted at: Holiday Inn Select Atlanta Airport South zone: Hartsfield Airport (ATL) 4669 Airport Boulevard College Park, Georgia 30337 Phone: 404-763-8800 Check-In Date: Mon, Jan 9, 2006 Check-In Time: After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Tue, Jan 10, 2006 Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM Your Offer Price: $40.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $40.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $12.92 Total Charges: $52.92 Pretty happy with that one - we arrive in ATL after 9pm, so we basically need a place to sleep with an airport-shuttle. As to the price it may be not the lowest available but I wanted to get that settled now... Greetings - Dirk
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