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  1. This one was tricky, started at 40 and using 1 free bid over 3 days narrowed it down. at 45 I recieved counter offer to raise by 15, raised by 3 rejected at 45 counter offer to raise by 15, raised by 6 rejected at 50 counter offer to raise by 15 raised by 4 accepted. This is the hotel I wanted because of the shuttle so I took a little chance (that's what Priceline is for right?) Good price for a weekday I think worth the exra dollar or so I may have overbid. Used the PRICELINE link st
  2. First Bid $71 Napa 3* rejected offered a $20 counter offer to $91 Second Bid $75 Napa and upper Napa (free rebid) accepted This is the hotel I really wanted and took a chance. I knew the rates for this property were low for that sunday so I used my low bid parameter. :) st
  3. Looking for a one night stay at LAX instead if the red eye. Amenities listed are 3-star hotel in LA Intl Airport LAX 75.00 Airport Shuttle Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access thank you st
  4. Thank you, and sorry for posting in the wrong spot! I did use the link and and try to everytime whether I book through PL/HW or direct . ST
  5. This was my first bid so it caught me off guard. Offer to upgrade to intermediate for 1.00/day which i did. probably should have used a lower opening but cars have been hard to get lately (for me at least). I didn't even get a chance to lowball a convertable - oh well I'm happy. Summary of Charges Your Offer Price: $11.00 (per day) upgrade Charge: $1.00 (per day) Final Offer Price: $12.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 7 days Subtotal: $84.00 Taxes and Fees: $52.13 Total Charges: $136.13 *Prices are in US dollars sy
  6. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $51.00 Subtotal: $51.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $14.30 Total Charges*: $65.30 I needed a room for one night, a quick trip for a family function. Started at 43.00 and was offered a 12.00 rebid. I used 3 more bids at 3.00 increments to get the Holiday Inn. I started here and used the PRICELINE link. Thank You ST
  7. Just to follow up on our stay at the Vino Bello Resort in Napa This is as you know a newly opened property. Everything still felt new adn was very very nice. True to the reviews the front desk was a bit aloof on check in and yes we got locked out and had to get new room cards. We did not partake of the thurs/fri night wine reception because of the timing but we did get a nice bottle of wine for the weekend and water and pepsi. They put us in a king studio and the only complaint was the heater noise, my goodness it was loud! There was also a pull out sofa and micro/washer/dryer/fridge/flat screen. The view was nice over the pools and the new vineyard. Best of all, they did NOT charge us the resort fee. I had emailed Priceline before we left and after a reply they told me to call them about it. I never did figuring I would just see how it went. The price on the standard form you get when you check in was actually more than what I paid and stamped incidentals only. The location was actually excellent for us as we were 5 min from the people we were visiting and we never really felt like we were in an industrial area. It is actually very easy to get to the highway to Sonoma or up the valley. Sorry this is long, just wanted to let you know it worked out well for us. The rental car ended up to be a G6 (not bad for 11 $$) tt
  8. Using the 4 dollar bonus I bid 11 for a compact. Priceline added 4 so total bid was 15. Accepted first try. Please note that I had been bidding up to 13 for a couple weeks on and off and the 'good chance' price was 24 and the 'great chance' price was 25. Subtotal 44.00 Taxes and fees 39.88 Total Charges 83.88 The best with the weekend 50% off or free day offers still came out over 100 so this rate will work. I doubt they will upgrade us to a midsize but you never do know. sorry for the delay in posting tt
  9. I just got a car using the bonus. they can say what they want but i just bid through it. I offered 11 for a compact/ they added 4/ 15 was accepted. sfo 4 days. they told me there was not a good chance but in the end they took it. the only downside was i did not use the link to benefit this site this time and have every other time. the fees are almost as much as the car so 11 is plenty! tt
  10. I usually start at 60 but went up a bit this morning Started at savingsbarn.com looking for 3* 1st bid of 68 countered for 17 more added zone and rebid 72 not accepted back to savingsbarn.com bid 78 counter for 22 more added zone and bid at 82 accepted and upgraded to 4* Priceline says congrats you got a 4* but is this a resort or is it just called one? Do you think I will have to pay some sort of a Resort fee? I know they can upgrade but I thought Resorts and Boutique were in a different catagory. Thanks Check-In Date: Thursday, January 31, 2008 Check-Out Date: Sunday, February 3, 2008 Hotel Name: Vino Bello Resort 865 Bordeaux Way Napa, California 94558 Your Offer Price: $82.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $246.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $39.22 Total Charges*: $285.22 tt
  11. 1.) rode a bike down the volcano on Maui - picture perfect day, can still smell the eucalyptus 2.) visit/tour at Grand Canyon tt
  12. Could have overbid a little but got two rooms and traveling with others so just glad it's done. Should be a good stay. Started at 70 for 3* up to 90 - no go. Then from 85 for 2.5. I did see there was plenty of availability at the HGI so figured this would be the place to win. Net rate for that date is 142. Went through the SavingsBarn.com link- thank you for your resources. tt
  13. I had been trying for a very long time to get rooms anywhere in Albany for that weekend. Complicated I'm sure by the Race Track and the need for three rooms in the same place as we were traveling with others and it was the preferred mode. I had tried for the standard bid asmounts uping by $10 with no hits. Finally on fri the 3rd I ran out of 3 and 21/2 star options so I began bidding for the 2 star at 50. I figured I would get the BW as it was going (I think in my head anyway) for 88 on Hotwire. The last bid before 65 was 60 so if I over bid it wasn't by alot. Hotel website at the time was 127.00. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $65.00 Subtotal: $195.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $37.56 Total Charges*: $232.56 Information on the hotel - the front desk appeared to be shall we say dazed and confused. Would not give us a double, in fact gave us the smallest full I think they could find. Would not give my son a NS room - said they were full. My daughter (babe) got a king NS (last to check in) which, since I was paying, made her switch :). The outside public areas were close to filthy except the pool area but the rooms themslves were clean. They were also quiet and we did sleep well. Breakfast was ok. Did hear others complainign about cleanliness and lack of air but again our rooms were all clean and air was fine. did use the savingsbarn link tt
  14. Just for one night started at 35 downtown 3* adding airport with success on the fourth try. Cheap is good this trip, so 50 w/ taxes and fees is nice. Looks like a decent hotel. used the savingsbarn link. Thanks again tt
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