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  1. I started at Betterbidding.com. I went up to $225 for a 4.5 star room with no success and then tried $250 for a 4 star room, also with no success. I waited a few hours and then tried again. After a couple of unsuccessful rebids my bid of $260 for a 4.5 star room was accepted by Hyatt Regency. I have stayed at this property before and really like it. This is the first time I have stayed during the summer, so the room was much higher than in the past, but I was not shocked at the price.
  2. Started with your PRICELINE.com link. Have been bidding for a couple of days, using the four rebid zones. Today, with several rebids, adding $10 each time, I got this hotel. The hotel website lists the price for these dates at $322. I did not see this hotel in your list of wins, but it seems to have gotten good reviews.
  3. I started with your PRICELINE link. Using bidding increments, I got this hotel for $58. Website rate is $99, so I am quite pleased with my winning bid.
  4. Started with your PRICELINE.com link. Using incremental bids, I ended up getting the hotel for $90night. Website rate is around $135/night. I am pleased with these savings, and the hotel looks decent.
  5. Used your PRICELINE.com link to start my bidding; I started at $70 last evening. After a couple of my initial bids were rejected, Priceline offered this hotel by name for $89/night. I declined but felt pretty good that I would get this 3-star hotel with my future bidding. I eventually bid up to $82 and that bid was accepted. I am very pleased with this win. The website price for these days is around $155/night. I note that this hotel is not listed in your list of winning hotels.
  6. I didn't ask for your help, since I didn't think I needed it. (Obviously I was wrong.) I almost never use Hotwire and am much more familiar with Priceline; that is why I did not try to match amenities in trying to determine how good of a deal I was getting. The hotel was not as bad as I expected. Two downsides: the airport shuttle runs only every hour, and the hotel is on the western side of the airport (and not near where most of the other 3-star hotels are located, which are close to many eating establisments).
  7. I began with your HOTWIRE.com link. Got this hotel for $49. I was a little disappointed,since I don't think it is on a par with the other 3 star hotels in the Airport area. I will note that this hotel was not listed in your in your list of hotel wins in that area, so you need to add it. It was based on that listing that I decided to buy the hotel, since all the other hotels were good buys. (I know you are not responsible for hotels being added to the list, but I wanted to express my disappointment in this "win." Amenities: Free parking Free breakfast Free Internet Airport sh
  8. I started with your PRICELINE.com link. I was bidding for a 3-star hotel in this area. I started at $75. My rebids were rejected until I bid $90. That bid was accepted. What surprised me is that I got the 4-star Westin instead of a 3-star. Website rate for this date is $142.
  9. Started with your PRICELINE link. First bid of $80 was rejected. Second bid of $85 was accepted. Cheapest website rate is 194 Euros ($214)/night. So I am very pleased. There was a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for $96, so I was comfortable in starting my bid at $80. Le Meridien had been reported as a winning five star hotel in this zone, and I figured that was what I was bidding on since Priceline was offering that hotel for $145. I was at first disappointed when I got the Marriott instead, but when I read the reviews and saw how much I had saved, I was quite happy.
  10. I started with your PRICELINE link. Note that this hotel is now rated 4.5 stars. I had looked at PRICELINE EXPRESS deals and saw a 4.5 star for $91. Since the only 4.5 star reported to you was the Pan Pacific, I figured that this was the 4.5 star on Priceline Express. When I used Priceline on my phone, the 4.5 star deal was unlocked (something I had not seen before), and it showed the Hyatt Regency. I got a slightly better deal (just a couple of dollars) when I used the Name Your Price option on my computer. Because I had seen this hotel, I was not surprised. Although I would have enjoy
  11. I started with your Priceline.com link. I had bid up to $45 but was rejected each time. I then took advantage of the (relatively) new option on Priceline to wait just 2 hours before rebidding. I bid $45 and $48 but was rejected each time. My next bid, $50, was accepted.
  12. I started with your Priceline.com link. Over the past several days I had bid up to $75 for a 2.5 star hotel. I had started out looking at 3 stars; however, there is only one rebid zone for 3 stars and no rebid zones for 2.5 stars. Tonight I bid $80 for a 3 star bid. My bid was rejected but I was offered the to bid again if I increased my bid to $95. I declined. I increased my bid to $82, and it was accepted. The website rate for that night is $119.
  13. I began with your Priceline link. I had stayed at a couple of 3-star hotels in the LAX, but when I checked your hotel listing for this zone only the Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn had been reported for 2.5 stars, I thought I would try that. Unfortunately there are no rebid zones for 2.5 stars. I started at $60 but kept getting rejected. I then upped my bid to $65. That was rejected but I was given the opportunity to bid again if I increased my bid to $81. I declined. Tonight I bid $70, and it was accepted. The hotel's website rate is $110.
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