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  1. Offer came unsolicited from HOTWIRE. Since I have been trying to book in this area thru PRICELINE without success (no free rebids in 3* Irvine Spectrum, so it is tedious), I jumped on it. delighted
  2. New Prices seem to post on Mon./Tues. Started bidding at $65. Was counter offered at $87. Since I had plenty of free rebids, I Continued bidding. Connected at $80.Used PRICELINE link. delighted
  3. Tried bidding for 3 1/2* in Downtown Des Moines for two sessions, bidding from $50 to $100 with no success. Changed to West Des Moines 3* and got this right away at $80. Nice hotel, and they don't charge for parking (like downtown). Retail rate before taxes is $179. Used BB's PRICELINE link on a completely fresh session (no Priceline contact prior to the BB session).Keep up the great board. delighted
  4. Thanks for the late night reply. I invariably use the links on BB, it is only fair to reward you for the information I use to bid. The issue here is do you have information available for me to base my bid on. As stated, I can find no posts for an area that, in the past, has drawn a fair share of posts. Thanks for your reply, Delighted
  5. In the Priceline Hotel List for California, you show lists for Orange County (Laguna Hills-Mission Viejo). You ought to update this to Orange County (Irvine Spectrum - Laguna Hills - Mission Viejo) which is Priceline's current descriptor. More troubling is that I can find no winning bids in this area going back 6 months. Any thoughts about what is happening here? I plan to be travelling to this area in Feb. and could use the winning bid info to make my bids. Thanks for the board and your help. Delighted
  6. Amenities shown: Airport Shuttle Pool Complimentary Breakfast Laundry Fitness Center
  7. First bid was $45 in DT, thinking I would get SpringHill Suites. Added South and $5 and got this. Ramada is my least loved chain. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. Won this on first bid. Expecting Savery at $70, but I'm happy.
  9. Tried bidding 4* Alexandria up to $85 but no luck. Got this on opening 3.5* Crystal City bid at $45.
  10. Won on opening bid. Linked to PRICELINE through link on BB site.
  11. Started bidding at $70 and increased in $5 increments. Really would have preferred Hyatt Regency Embarcadero's easier access t BART, but no complaints.
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