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  1. Another offer, this time 4*... which one is this? Total Price: $440.73 4 Star Hotel in Seattle Downtown - Pike Place Area for $125 a night $125 per night
  2. This is what Priceline "offered": any idea what this is? 3
  3. SEA (SeaTac Airport) Hilton Seattle 8/30/10 1 night on PRICELINE Started with Renton etc. $38 Rebid added SEA $45 Got Hilton. Total with Fees $58.77
  4. You guys scared me so I didn't bid lower! 3* Ontario Hilton Thursday night mid Feb bid $46 accepted on first shot, with taxes and fees $58.84. Now I wonder if I will get the "Priceline rooms" or my Hilton Gold VIP card will do me any good...