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  1. Won the Sheraton Burlington Hotel for $63/night (approximately $75/night after taxes). Started bidding at $44 for a 3.5 star hotel in the Burlington-Colchester area and continued bidding until $63 bid was accepted (adding zones w/o 3.5 star hotels to be able to make additional bids). They actually had a PRICELINE EXPRESS hotel that I think is also for the Sheraton Burlington offered at $68, so if $63 wasn't accepted, I was going to take the PRICELINE EXPRESS offer and use the Betterbidding code. Use the PRICELINE link on this site to access PL to make my bids.
  2. If I recall correctly, this was for YVR North. Looking at my reservation confirmation, it also says: Accessible for the blind Accessible path of travel Accessible bathroom I don't think those were displaying when I made the booking though
  3. Used the HOTWIRE link on this site to purchase 1 night. Amenities: Pet friendly Indoor pool(s) Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center
  4. Used the HOTWIRE link on this site to purchase 2 nights. Amenities: Pet friendly Boutique Hotel Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center Internet access Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf
  5. Used the HOTWIRE link on this site and booked a room at the Four Points Sheraton in Vancouver for tomorrow. Came out to approx. $104 with taxes. Listed amenities are: Airport shuttle Accessible for the blind Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking
  6. Used the PRICELINE links on this site. Tried to bid for a 4* in the Midtown East area, but I couldn't get it for a reasonable price. So, I changed my bid to a 3.5*. I started bidding at $150 for a 3.5* in the Midtown East area using $5 bid increments and finally got the Marriott New York East Side for $170. After taxes, it comes to $213.83 for the night.
  7. Used the PRICELINE link on this site. Tried multiple bids (including adding free rebids) for a 3 1/2* in the University Washington-Northgate zone with no luck. Finally decided to switch to the 3* level. Started bidding at $95 and bid was accepted for the Silver Cloud Inn University. Thanks!
  8. I got back from my trip this weekend and thought I would provide an update as I had specifically listed 3 people when I booked this room to try to get a room with 2 beds. I had actually booked the room for a friend who was going to drive down from LA to join the group. Since I wasn't completely sure if she would make it, I booked the room in my name. My friends and I were stuck in another part of San Diego when she arrived in the area, so I called the hotel to see if they would consider letting her check in without me. The lady I spoke with was nice enough to agree and she was able to check in without me there. However, the concierge said that the hotel was fully booked when she checked in, so they didn't have any rooms with two beds. Instead, they provided her with a room with one bed and one sleeper sofa. I had looked at this hotel's website before and it had listed rooms with one bed and one sofa, so I thought there would be a chance that it would be assigned to our reservation. It wasn't a problem as we had only intended to have one person sleep in the room, but I wanted to let people know that there's a chance you'll get a room with a bed and a sofa at this hotel even if you book for multiple people. The cookies were delicious, although they ran out of them several times even though they were supposed to be available 24/7 according to the front desk. There was lots of parking, but over the weekend it was close to capacity with a lot of collector's cars in the lot for a weekend car show. The hotel was nicely located for our needs. Most of the time, we reached our final destination within 20 minutes.
  9. Used the PRICELINE link on this page to get to Priceline and bid for 2 rooms in Richmond, BC. First bid $48 for a 3* in Vancouver Int'l Airport and it wasn't accepted. Rebid by adding Langley and increased bid to $53. I won the 3* Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport. I've stayed here once before and the hotel is pretty centrally located to the freeway to Vancouver and there are really good restaurants in the area. Cheapest rate through the Holiday Inn website is $100, so it's a very good deal.
  10. Used the HOTWIRE link on this site to make a reservation for 4/9 to 4/10 for a hotel in the San Diego (Del Mar - Rancho Santa Fe) area. I booked the Doubletree Hotel San Diego in Del Mar. Ammenities (which matched the site's hotwire hotel list): Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access Price: $67. After taxes, total comes to $81.79 for the night. Thanks!
  11. Used this site's HOTWIRE link and got the 3.5* NYC (MTE) Roosevelt Hotel for $119/night for a stay during 3/12 to 3/15. Searched for 3 people. Amenities: Fitness Center Restaurant Business Center High Speed Internet
  12. Used the PRICELINE link on this page to bid. Won the 3.5* Marriott Indianapolis East for $54 ($70.37 after taxes). Started bidding at $35 and kept on increasing with free-bid zones with the goal of getting a 3.5* hotel in the Indianapolis East area.
  13. Used the link on this page to make a bid on Priceline. I was actually looking for a 2* to 2.5* in the Ogden, Utah area and made multiple bids with different options. Finally accepted with a bid for 2.5* for $49 ($62.49 for the night with taxes). It was upgraded to the 3.5* Marriott Ogden. Hopefully it works out for parking. Some of the reviews listed parking availability as a con for the hotel. Otherwise, happy with the bid as the rooms in this hotel were going for $179.
  14. I used the link on this site to go to PRICELINE. I had $15 bonus dollars to use for a car rental and they split up the value between the 6 days of the rental. My rental is 6 days because I'm picking it up early AM on 12/1, but not returning it until late afternoon on 12/6. I started out with a bid for $15 (which was $17.50 with my bonus dollars) on a mid-size vehicle. Bid rejected. I then increased my bid to $18 (which was $20.50 with my bonus dollars) for a standard vehicle. Bid accepted. Below are the rental details: Subtotal: $108.00 Taxes and Fees: $84.08 Total Charges: $192.08 Lowest Published Price: $387.16 Total Savings:* $195.08 (You saved 50%) I also checked HOTWIRE and they had a standard vehicle for about $250, so I saved a little over 20% of the HOTWIRE rate.
  15. Used the PRICELINE link on this page to bid for another hotel stay. I started out my bidding at $58 for a 3.5* in the Copley Square-Theatre District. The bid was rejected, so I increased my bid to $63 and added in Fenway. That bid was also rejected, so I increased my bid to $68 and selected Copley Square-Theatre District and Medford as my zones. My bid for $68 was accepted by the Hilton Back Bay hotel. There was a 3.5* hotel in the Boston Common area available on Hotwire for $77 (I think it's the Radisson), so I save even more money with Priceline :). Thanks!