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  1. Shooting for a 4* in downtown Minneapolis and determined that I had 13 chances to rebid. Selected downtown for the first bid (30.00), rejected. Added Burnsville and upped the bid to 32.00, rejected. Then added 5 more free rebid zones, bidding in 2.00 increments. Bid of 42.00 was accepted. Total: 42.00 x 2 = 84.00 + 18.81 (taxes and fees) = 102.81. Thank you for this great board!!! Jimmy
  2. Hello everyone, Hoping that someone can help me. I was bidding on a 4 star Minneapolis room and I determined that there were 13 rebid zones, so, I started at 30.00. It, of course rejected this offer, so, I checked another zone that did not have any 4 star properties and it rejected my next bid of 32.00 and then took me to a screen of non-name your own price hotels. In other words, I was expecting to have rebid chances and it only gave me 2. Does anyone know if this is something new or what I did wrong? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Jimmy
  3. Hello All, I am trying to put together a suprise getaway for my husband and myself to Las Vegas for the Dave Mathews concert at the MGM on March 23 or March 24, 2007. I have only visited Las Vegas once a couple years ago and stayed at Treasure Island, so, I am not very familiar with the various hotel options available. I visited the MGM website and their standard rooms average approximately 250.00 within my time frame, so, I would like to find a more affordable yet nice hotel for approximately 100.00 per nite for 3 or 4 nites between 3-22-07 to approximately 3-27-07. I have not yet procured the concert tickets, so I am not certain if we will be attending the March 23rd or 24th show yet. My first question is: 1. Is it too early to begin bidding on Priceline hotels for my March dates 2. Can someone recommend a location/hotel to "aim" for (so to speak) that is a nice property for approximately 100.00 a nite. 3. If anyone has ever attended an event at the MGM and can shed some light on the best source to procure tickets or any advise on seat selection, it would be most appreciated. 4. Should I alternatively look into "package deals" which include hotel and flights (Funjet, etc.) or is it generally cheaper to book separately. Thank you one and all for your input. I greatly enjoy this forum, Thereuare, and appreciate the help. Sincerely, Yvonne
  4. Hi Liz, Just my two cents, but, I have successfully booked Downtown Miami 3 star for pre and post cruise January dates at approximatley 35.00 per night for the last 2 years. This past January, I was able to get 3 nites at the Hyatt and 1 nite at the Radisson, all at 35.00 a nite. The highest that I had to go was our arrival nite which just happened to be New Year's Eve. I got this nite for 45.00. I began my priceline bidding in early December, so that I would have plenty of rebidding time if needed. If you do happen to get the Hyatt (always my preference), they have some lovely, large rooms that you may request. I have stayed in 934 and 634 both of which had two balconies, sitting area, king bed and were quite large. I have always been pleased with my Miami priceline deals, particularly the Hyatt. You still have plenty of time, so perhaps you might wait a bit. I'd hate to see you pay too much :) Jimmy
  5. We booked a Vacation Package thru Priceline for 7 nites and roundtrip air from Miami for 2 for $963.00. Our stay was 1-19-04 thru 1-26-04 after a 16 nite cruise. The location was spectacular as was the view from our room. The hotel is approximately 14 years old and is showing it's age. We stayed in the "H" Tower on the 11th floor in room 1107. The room really could have used some updating and new furnishings - Upholstery was worn and stained and carpeting was a bit worn as well. The room had a balcony with a view of the pool and ocean. The balcony had astroturf on it that had holes worn right thru it and really looked awful. It appeared that they were in the process of removing/replacing the astroturf, as many of the other balconies had new astroturf or none at all. At any rate, we just tried not to focus on the shabby astroturf and instead enjoyed the wonderful ocean view. The pool had an awful lot of algae in it and was just filthy. I can't imagine why they neglected the pool so badly as it really looked disgusting. All in all, the property lacked basic maintenance and upkeep. When visiting the Bahamas, prepare to be "fifteen percented to death". For instance, a can of Budweiser at the pool snack bar was 4.95 + 15% Service Fee = 5.69 each. If the service had been good or even adequate, I wouldn't have had an issue with this, but service was generally slow, apathetic, and inefficient. There was, however a Duty Free store in the hotel that sold cans of Bud for approximately 2.75, so, we purchased items there and enjoyed having a few "cold ones" on our balcony. Room service was painfully slow (2 hours and 10 minutes) and the food was average. They were out of many of the items listed in the room service menu. Alternatively, we very much enjoyed Johnny Canoe's, a great restaurant, which was within walking distance, next door. The shrimp and conch were excellent. Local bus transportation to the downtown shopping area was quite convenient and only cost $1. I had read numerous negative reviews about this hotel, so, my expectations were low. I knew in advance that this would not be an Atlantis type experience. Also please note that this hotel charges $17 per day additionally ($7/day maid service and $10/day energy charge), so, we were billed an additonal $119 for our 7 nite stay. We would definitely visit the Bahamas again, but would not stay at this property.
  6. I can't say enough good things about the Hyatt Downtown Miami. We stayed there on 12-31-03, 1-18-04, and 1-26-04. I bid thru Priceline and got the room for $45 for New Year's Eve, and $35 for the other two nights. We stayed in room 634. This was a huge, tastefully furnished room with 2 small balconies, overlooking the water. The room had a king sized bed, separate sitting area with a sleeper-sofa, chair, and coffee table, and a walk-in closet equipped with ironing board, iron, and safe. The room also had a coffeemaker. For our New Year's Eve stay, we were also given 2 complimentary breakfast buffet coupons (not sure why, but it sure was appreciated and quite delicious). I overheard a group of guys, who were in town for a concert, mention that they paid $150 per night for their rooms, so I was quite pleased to have gotten such a great price on Priceline. We would not hesitate to stay here again.
  7. Hi Thereuare, The flight times came out just fine. Direct flight on Continental from Miami to Nassau at 2:45 pm and Direct return flight from Nassau to Miami at 1:35 pm.......worked out well....now I just hope that the Wyndham is ok. I've read mixed reviews. I'll be sure to compose reviews on all of our hotels when we return. Thanks again and happy holidays! Jimmy
  8. Hi Thereuare, Decided to go with the Priceline Vacation product for the Bahamas. Here are the details for those who may be interested: Priceline Vacation Package (prices are shown, no bidding involved) 1-19-04 thru 1-26-04, Package includes roundtrip air from Miami to Nassau Bahamas and 7 Night Hotel at Wyndham Nassau Resort. Total for 2 persons: 963.93, which includes taxes and fees. Thank you, Thereuare, for all of your help. It is such a pleasure to visit this forum! Jimmy
  9. Bid History for 1 Night Stay Hyatt Miami - Downtown 3* 1/26/04 Bid #1 - $28.00 - Miami - Downtown 3* - Rejected Bid #2 - $31.00 - Added Rebid Zone - North Miami - Rejected Bid #3 - $33.00 - Added Rebid Zone - SW Miami - Rejected Bid #4 - $35.00 - Added Key Biscayne (please note that Key Biscayne is not a true "rebid zone" as there are resort level properties available in this zone) Accepted $35.00 (with tax and fee 45.87) Hyatt Miami - Downtown 3* - 1 night 1-26-04
  10. Bid History for 1 night post-cruise stay, 3* Miami - Downtown - 1-18-04 Bid #1 - $25.00 - Miami - Downtown - 3* - Rejected Bid #2 - $28.00 - Added Rebid Zone - N. Miami - Rejected Bid #3 - $30.00 - Added Rebid Zone - SW Miami - Rejected Bid #4 - $35.00 - Added Key Biscayne (please note that this is not a true "rebid zone" as this area has Resort level properties) Accepted, $35.00 (total including tax and fees: $45.87) Hyatt - Miami - Downtown 3*
  11. Hi Thereuare, Actually, we're taking two 8 day back to back cruises and the ports are: St. Martin, Barbados, Martinique, Belize, Limon, and Colon. I haven't been to Naawwlins in years......I might have to do a little research.... Jimmy
  12. Hi Thereuare, My husband and I are early 40's and we're Wisconsinites, so we try to miss as much of January here as we can. I guess the only real requisite we have for vacationing is warm weather. We too honeymooned last year. In January we cruised out of Miami (got married on the ship) and then spent a few days in Miami Beach and then we decided to "wing it" and drove down to Key West and spent about a week there. We're not really the tour bus, heavily scheduled, sightseeing types. We just enjoy kicking back, taking in the local flavor, sipping a few cocktails and just basically destressing and relaxing. We haven't been to the Bahamas yet, so I just thought that since we're already in Miami, logistically it seemed a decent option. I haven't booked this leg of our trip yet, so I'm totally open to any suggestions. Thanks again for all of your help.. Jimmy
  13. Hi Thereuare, Thanks so much for checking this out. I did attempt a Priceline bid on hotel only for Bahamas New Providence Island - Paradise Island, Resort 2 days ago for $50.00, but it was rejected and I really didn't have any rebid opportunities. We disembark from our cruise on 1-18-04, so, I was planning on staying in Miami that night and traveling to the Bahamas (or wherever) on the 19th. Same with the backend. We fly home on 1-27-04, so, I planned to also stay in Miami on 1-26-04 just to be on the safe side. As much as I hate to have to build in this 2 day "safety net", it's just too risky to try to travel on those days, given that the Priceline Vacation Package flight times can be anywhere from 6:00am to 10pm. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to look into this. I really appreciate it... Jimmy
  14. Hi Thereuare, Thank you so much for the heads up on Key Biscayne. Yes, I used it as a rebid because I figured that it would be highly unlikely that I would get that area for such a low bid as I know that the hotels in that zone, such as the Sonesta, are quite pricey, and I did realize it was a bit risky and not truly a rebid zone. Conversely, I would have been thrilled if indeed I had gotten Key Biscayne for such a bargain price! Thank you so much for all of your help.. Jimmy
  15. Hello! First of all, I would like to thank you for providing such an infomative and valuable forum. After reading all of the great info here, I ventured over to Priceline. It was my intent to bid for a 3* Miami Downtown hotel for a 2 night pre-cruise stay on 12-31-03 and 1-1-04. After a number of attempts, I was ultimately unable to get both nights at the same hotel......perhaps New Year's Eve had something to do with it. At any rate, here are the bidding details. As a side note, I stayed at the Miami Intercontinental (Mia, Downtown 4*) pre-cruise for 2 nights last January at 140.00 per night and the Wyndham Miami Beach (Miami Beach 4*) post-cruise for 216.00 per night for 3 nights. (our travel agent booked these rooms, ouch!!). Needless to say, I am delighted that after reading this forum, I was able to use Priceline and save some $$$$. Bidding Details for Miami Downtown 3* for 2 nights 12-31-03 and 1-1-04 11-29-03 Bid #1 - $35.00 Downtown Miami 3*, Rejected Bid #2 - $40.00 added rebid zone Key Biscayne, Rejected Bid #3 - $45.00 added rebid zone North Miami, Rejected Bid #4 - $50.00 added rebid zone SW Miami, Rejected 12-1-03 (retry after 72 hours) Bid #1 - $42.00 Downtown Miami 3*, Rejected Bid #2 - $50.00 added rebid zone North Miami, Rejected Bid #3 - $55.00 added rebid zone SW Miami, Rejected Bid #4 - $60.00 added rebid zone Key Biscayne, Rejected 12-4-03 (retry after 72 hours) Bid #1 - $52.00 Downtown Miami 3*, Rejected Bid #2 - $62.00 added rebid zone North Miami, Rejected Bid #3 - $65.00 added rebid zone SW Miami, Rejected Bid #4 - $70.00 added rebid zone Key Biscayne, Rejected After these three attempts, I decided it might be best to split up the 2 nights and cross my fingers hoping to get the same hotel for both nights. I didn't end up getting the same hotel for both nights, but I am pleased with what I was able to get under the circumstances. Here are the bidding details: 12-4-03, Bidding for 1 night 12-31-03, Miami Downtown 3* Bid #1 - $28.00 Downtown Miami 3*, Rejected Bid #2 - $33.00 added rebid zone North Miami, Rejected Bid #3 - $38.00 added rebid zone SW Miami, Rejected Bid #4 - $45.00 added rebid zone Key Biscayne, Accepted Total for 1 night 12-31-03 Hyatt Miami Downtown 3* 45.00 (57.35 Total with fees and taxes) 12-4-03, Bidding for 1 night 1-1-04, Miami Downtown 3* Bid #1 - $25.00 Downtown Miami 3*, Rejected Bid #2 - $35.00 added rebid zone North Miami, Accepted Total for 1 night 1-1-04 Radisson Miami Downtown 3* 35.00 (45.87 Total with fees and taxes) Jimmy EDIT (by thereuare): i put lines thru Key Biscayne because it's not a true re-bid zone (explained in next post) and i don't want to confuse other users that read this
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