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  1. Started at $140 - offered to let me rebid if I raised by $22 - continued adding free rebids until accepted.
  2. Hotel Name: Marriott Pittsburgh City Center 112 Washington Place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219 412-471-4000 Your Offer Price: $42.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Taxes and Service Fees: $19.92 Total Charges: $103.92 Started with $40 - offered rebid for $12 / declined Added free rebid area and $42 - accepted
  3. Riverwalk - Started at $70 added $5 and zones to eventually reach $85 Darn I hate when I miss something in the title - 9/2/07
  4. First bid, 2.5* White House / Downtown Residence Inn Vermont Ave $47+$13.75=$60.75 total. Stayed last weekend. Great hotel.
  5. Atlanta - Marietta/Vinings - 7/25 - 3 nts Extended Stay Windy Hill $25 nt 92.95 Amenities - Kitchenette / Laundry Facilities
  6. Sorry about doing these so late - have not been a good board member in remembering to update my wins. Started at about $69 and added 5 free rebids, $2 each time to get to $79 Total - w/tax and fees - $96.94
  7. Started with DT, added 2 free rebids. Accepted at $41 Posting this late - this was a nice hotel. DT CLE is dead on the weekends.
  8. Your Offer Price: $48.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $13.51 Total Charges: $61.51 Started bidding at $42 - add $2 per rebid. Accepted at $48. Stayed this past weekend. YUCK :) This place was just not nice.
  9. I have stayed there once before - and I was hesitent about staying midtown - but I had tried up to $75 for historic district with no luck... Noticed lots of no availability for my weekend so decided to give this a shot. It appears to be about 10 miles from the river (historic area), but I seem to remember a few municipal garages in town. I also saw I will post a review when I get back...
  10. Forgot a few points Started at $30 - told I could up it $8, refused added airport - $33 rejected added historic -$35 accepted
  11. Baymont Inn And Suites Savannah Your Offer Price: $35.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $105.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $21.56 Total Charges: $126.56
  12. I agree that the rooms were a bit worn, but it ends there. Everyone was great... Not a problem from checkin until departure - all requests were cheerfully met. I was surprised that parking was only $10 (it is no longer valet) as this is truely a downtown hotel. Hotel is showing its age, but I spoke with the front desk clerk and he told us how they were doing the work - they will be redoing the rooms starting at the top and moving down. They plan to finish in June (I think that is what he said) and EVERYTHING Is being swapped out. Maybe I was in the warmth of St. Pete and not in the snow of the northeast this past weekend, but I really thought all and all it was a great place (and worth the $36 priceline rate!).
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