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  1. 3-Star PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal Hotel Stone Mountain Map Free Internet, Free Parking I initially used PL to bid in the Northlake and Druid Hills areas, bidding up to $71 for each of two nights. Got turned down flat with no counter. I guess since it's Emory graduation on Monday, this is the wrong time to visit this area. So saw this on PRICELINE EXPRESS but couldnt find any results on BB, and just took a chance. Details: $74 Rooms:1 Nights:2 Room Subtotal:$148.00 Trip Protection:$0.00 Taxes and Fees:$44.98 Total Price:$192.98
  2. Just a quick follow up to report that our stay at the Silver Cloud Inn - Seattle Lake Union was terrific. It's a great hotel! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The rooms are very clean. Everything seems new. The internet (free) was good. The breakfast was excellant. The location is very convenient. Plus the free parking...wow, I was very pleased.
  3. Took my initial offer of $50: Room subtotal: $50.00 Taxes & fees: $13.10 Total charged today: $63.10 Total charged: $63.10 Savings: You saved 64%* Thanks betterbidding!
  4. Expecting (thanks to betterbidding) this (3 1/2 star, Downtown-Seattle-Space Needle) to be the Silver Cloud Lake Union, I opened at $85.00 plus fees. The rejection screen that came up was different than I'd seen before. It said "NO" of course, but also offered other hotels in the area at set prices. Oddly, one of them was the Silver Cloud Lake Union at $93.00 (plus fees) It's the one I wanted so less than $8/day more was worth having zero risk of bidding a few dollars more, and then getting some place else. As always, I only use the provided PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links from the betterbidding site. Thanks.
  5. Using the BB [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link, started off a week ago at $60, slowly raising offer on PL's "priceline.com Tips for Successful Bidding to Cleveland, OH" follow up emails. Finally, just now, got the DoubleTree @ $70/night. $140 plus $32 for fees/taxes. Got some savings off going direct, $210 ($99/night plus 5.5% lodging tax).
  6. Tried $60 for a three star (Silver Cloud) for 5 nights, then shortened a day at a time, while raising $5 each before hitting on Hotel Deca (3 1/2) @ $70. Thanks againfor providing this service!
  7. Opened 4* for MO - Kansas City (Downtown - Crown Center) at $70. PL responded with a minimum bump of $14 to re-bid to $84. I assumed the Saturday night was the problem with all the corporate Xmas parties. Considered waiting but figured time wasn't going to help. Wanted the Phillips but I'm happy. Thanks BB. And, I did use your PRICELINE link!
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