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  1. We have been two times in this hotel, always 2 or more days. The hotel is nice and near the tube station, however, to Heathrow you have to change at Earls Court. The first time we also had problems with 2 rooms, but we got than an OK room. We booked with PRICELINE .... but the hotel charged us on Amexco...Amexco is working on this that we get the money back.
  2. I have used Restaurant.com. There was no catch. Just read the fine print. I had 3 very good restaurants in Atlanta, Asheville and Newark/NJ. Saved me some $$$ ... food was very good, all have been nice places.
  3. DOUBLETREE and HYATT REGENCY in Jersey City are in walking distance to the PATH TRAIN, which would bring you to Manhattan. Both are (the only!?) 3* hotels (Priceline) in JERSEY CITY.
  4. Checked CP for your dates - No vacancies! I Pricelined: 3* Crowne Plaza, Asheville May 3 for $49 + Fees = total $61.96
  5. OT .... OT .... OT Thanks all...BTW Grist Mill, which I mentioned is (only) a street, looked it up and the village I was asking for was Mahwah. Anyway, we will go by car to NYC before Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is going to impose a $8 congestion fee :) I can see that there are at least two bridges and two tunnels to come back to EWR (to catch my plane). Thanks again.
  6. dahammer: somebody used your recommendation "Spanish Tavern" already. :) I have 1/2 day before my flight in the afternoon to Germany. I have a rental car .. any nice town in NJ to spend some time? What about Grist Mill or so? Here is my bid: 3* DT Newark $65 ++ total $82.76 May 6, 2007 -Started with $58 3* Jersey City - rejected -Added Elizabeth $62 - rejected -Added Newark $65 - accepted I guess I made a mistake, may have gotten DT Newark cheaper ($50++), actually wanted Jersey City :) . Still, I am OK, price on DT/Hilton was like $190 or so.
  7. Is that a reasonable strategy? Is it possible to drop the bid when you lower the star rating in an area? Yes, you can drop the rate ... I would rather stay in a 4-star hotel and go by bus or Metro than stay in a lousy 3-star hotel in a lousy area (given by Priceline). I have stayed in very fine 3-star hotels, like Lennox St. Germain. You don't get such hotels with Priceline and they are Euro 120 ++ Does your ....It's not like Paris is very hard to travel around... mean, it's easy to travel around? Yes, it is ...! with Metro and/or bus .. not with a car. BTW, area 2/9 are not always "the best of Paris" .... nearby was "the home of Irma la Duce" .... :)
  8. I have had good results with Priceline in Paris. Always got 4-star hotels for $100 more or less plus fees. Last time I got two Le Meridian hotels, and was upgraded due to my Starwood Gold. Warning: I never bit for Opera Quarter East - Les Halles district. You probably get Novotel les Halles. The hotel looks fine, but the rooms are lousy, like a 2-star motel in the US. I e-mailed Priceline a complaint ... and got all my money back. I don't like the Novotel Tour Eiffel either .. it might be OK now, was under renovation.
  9. Congratulation! That is a very nice, stylish hotel next to Anhalter Bahnhof, near Potsdamer Platz. They offered me an upgrade to a very nice mini suite for Euro 15 or so. Very friendly people at the reception. I recommend this hotel.
  10. Thanks - I never had it before that a whole area was greyed out ....
  11. Last week I believed Priceline closed this "loophole". That's what happened: Wanted Munich 4* (in City North or City South) Started with City North. Then added City South. Then wanted to add South, which doesn't have a 4* hotel. Could not add, was grayed out. Any idea, help? Thanks.
  12. Yes it is. And I didn't expect it. This hotel has an official 4-star classification, but Priceline should rate it 21/2 max. 3-star. senor hamachi wrote: "..The area around it is pretty seedy..." That's true in a way, that is the area of the movie "Irma la Duce", Rue St. Denise :) . The area is O.K.! It's Paris! :) Before the market moved to Rungis, there was the central market of Paris = Les Halles!
  13. Was there in May 2005. That is a very nice hotel. Our room was newly renovated, nicely furnished and clean. Very friendly staff. We saw many AA crews coming and going. The Orly-Bus stops in front of the hotel. Would go there back anytime!
  14. Was there in May 2005. I agree the room was like in a 2* hotel. Small, worn out, cheap quality. The lobby is O.K. I wrote Priceline an e-mail and got my money back. That's great service!
  15. I have tried several days...free-bids, other zones in Metro Boston etc.... nothing...when I added Framingham/Natick, which is a little far out, I got this hotel. I started with $50 or so and added in $5 increments. After I got this hotel, I called Priority Club and they added my #; I am Ambassador/Gold Elite ... see what happens when I arrive ...
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