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  1. Not the best bargain, but great for a one night stay. After taxes and fees the total is $76.67. Amenities are Free breakfast, free parking, pool, gym, free internet, no smoking, handicapped accessible, pets allowed and shuttle. Used the board PRICELINE link as always.
  2. Have been keeping an eye out on Priceline and Hotwire for these future dates and this hotel kept popping up on and off. With Internet being the only amenity listed I couldn't figure out what hotel it was and I held off booking it for this reason. Trip Advisor gave it 4.5/5 rating from 1100+ customers. Last night it appearsed again with a Hotwire guarantee that 1 of the 4 hot rate hotels will be your hotel. From the 4 I narrowed down to the SOFO CasaBlanca. Used the HOTWIRE link on this site and had a 10% off coupon. Total $241.80 plus tax.
  3. Booked this hotel using the HOTWIRE link. Received the El San Geronimo Hotel for $114.00 per night. With taxes, fees and the $15.00 off Hotwire Coupon the total came to $273.26. The amenities listed are free internet, near beach, smoke free rooms, business center and internet access.
  4. Booked this over 4 weeks ago thru Hotwire. Couldn't post till now due to computer and internet issues. Had a Hotwire Coupon code for $20 dollars off, minimum $100. Received the Crescent Resort for South Beach Diamond Resort. Amenities are free internet, business center, 1 bedroom suite, 24 hour front desk, full kitchen, self serve laundry, smoke free room, near beach and suite. Total $236.80 with taxes, fees and $20 dollars off. As always I used the HOTWIRE link on this website.
  5. Still have another 2 days I need to purchase, will start another thread when I begin my research, and as always will use the links on this site.
  6. Thereuare I appreciate all the assistance you and this site have given me over the years. I decided to accept the PRICELINE EXPRESS hotel for $140/night. Total for the 2 nights $329.98 with the 5% Priceline Coupon discount from BetterBidding. And while I am still in sticker shock over the price of hotels in January (use to bidding for Miami Hotels in October) I am pleased to have received the EB Hotel that you correctly guessed. As always I used the PRICELINE link on your site.
  7. Looking at HOTWIRE as well as bidding on PRICELINE without success in beating the express price for the EB hotel, using your link. A 4 star hotel in south beach-art deco district appeared for the same dates (1/26/19-1/28/19)with the following amenities: free breakfast, free internet, boutique hotel, business center, near beach, pool, restaurant and smoke free room. Price is $160. It has a rating of 4.5/5. Any ideas what this hotel is?
  8. Thank you for the information. Very nice hotel. Going to try nyop portion of PRICELINE to see if I can go below the PRICELINE EXPRESS offer, if not l will out right purchase it using the link on this site.
  9. I apologize I thought I had put in the star rating. It is a 4.5 star hotel.
  10. Usual can decode Priceline Express hotels but this one has me stumped. Even biddinghelper has no suggestions. Was just checking for pricing and this showed up. The dates are January 26th thru 28th, 2019. Amenities are business center, restaurant, shuttle, fitness center, pool and non-smoking. It is rated 9 out of 10 and has a $18 resort fee. If I decide to purchase I will use your link as I always do. Thank you in advance.
  11. Used the PRICELINE link on this site and going the PRICELINE EXPRESS route received LaQuinta Inn Indianapolis Airport Lynhurst for $45. After taxes the total was $58. Included the following amenities: Free breakfast Free internet Pet friendly Outdoor pool Shuttle Nonsmoking Gym Handicap accessible Business center
  12. Started all my searches with the PRICELINE link on this site. Priceline express deals had a downtown hotel for $80, so I started my bidding at $65 and worked my way up to $77 before I received the Renaissance New Orleans Pere Marquette. Very pleased with this hotel, within walking distance of the French Quarter.
  13. Saw that Priceline had a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for $84 in this area for my very early dates. I could have waited to see if the rates decrease, but this price was acceptable to me. Went to NYOP to see if I could beat this. Started bidding at $65 and gradually increased to $83 with no success, instead of going back to Express side I just put in a bid for $84 and receive the Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center. Saved 50% and received one of the 2 hotels I was hoping for. Total for a 2 day stay with taxes was $211. Used the PRICELINE link on this site to start my bids.
  14. Always like to get a early start on my vacations, so the dates are correct. Used the Priceline link on this site. Received this hotel on my 3rd attempt, using South Beach 3 star as free rebids since I knew chances were slim of getting a hotel at this price in that area. Received Hyatt Place Miami Airport-East. This hotel is new and just opened November 2015. Now to work on pre-vacation hotel.
  15. Used the Priceline link to start bidding. Have been bidding this on and off for the last couple months. Started at $68 and at $72 received this Aloft hotel. Expected the Courtyard or Springhill, so pleasantly surprised when this popped up.
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