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  1. 1. Rode the Trans-Siberian railroad from Omsk to St. Petersburg 2. Have been wanting to visit NYC for years--would love to see Curtains on broadway.
  2. Thanks, everyone! thereuare and dahammer, I really like the idea of commuting in from Jersey City. The Hyatt looks great--seems like people have been pleased with it. As far as it being deserted on the weekends, I can't see that being a big problem as we're pretty low maintenance people who want to spend a lot of time sightseeing and such. If my boyfriend likes this idea I'll probably try bidding for it in the next week or so when we can be absolutely sure of our dates. Actually, I say I'd bid for it, but now that I look at the Priceline list here, it includes a Doubletree in the same star quality in that section. Is that also a good hotel, or am I better off going with Hotwire where it's more likely to give me the Hyatt? Am I reading this wrong? Otherwise, if he would rather stay in the city, I'll post back here for bidding help within NYC. This has already been a big help--this is great!
  3. I'm new here, and wanted to see if anyone had advice for my trip.... I'll be visiting NYC with my boyfriend (our first trip, and his first time to New York!) Jan. 12-15 and I'd rather not stay in a hostel. Even though our budget is pretty small for a hotel (around $100/night) I'm hoping to find the nicest one we could get of any star quality for those times since it seems to be off-peak after the holidays. Does anyone have any insight into bidding for those times on Priceline? I'm familiar with Priceline, but I've never used Hotwire--i'd be willing to use it if I had reason to believe I'd get a better deal there. As to location, we're flexible and just want to be near public transport, as I'm sure we can get around that way. I'd read on here that staying near Times Square is popular but not recommended, and that suits me just fine--I'll stay anywhere I can find the best deal overall. Thanks in advance for your help, and sorry if I left anything out. It's hard to be specific, as I'm relatively inexperienced in travel to and around New York and I don't have a lot of special criteria--but I'll clarify anything that's needed.
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