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  1. Awesome! That worked, and it was the hotel I thought it was. Thanks for the help!
  2. Is it just me or are the hotwire codes not working? Tried all of them, they all report back as invalid.
  3. Thanks! $30 is better than nothing. I've got a week trip to Honolulu for our 10th anniversary. I've found a deal on hotwire that looks to be the Hyatt Regency for $154 a night, and it looks to have solid reviews. I did not look like the same deal was available on Priceline. Trying to stay under $200 a night. I need it for 7 nights, so any coupon will help. Was hoping for a % based one so it would take off more on a week stay, but I'll settle for whatever I can get.
  4. How often do coupons come about? I noticed there are none for hotwire at the moment, and that the previous ones all expired within the last week. Wasn't sure how often new coupons come up and if I should just wait a few days before booking my Hawaii hotel and maybe new coupons will be available. If anyone has any insight into that based on historicals let me know.
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