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  1. Yes, we're here now and were upgraded to the club lounge for another $90/night. Thanks again better bidding! Always right on the mark with you guys.
  2. Hi, I'm seeing the following : 4 star Bonnet Creek -free internet, kids activities, airport shuttle, golf nearby and smoke free room. Can't tell which resort it is. There is also a 3.5 star for $267 with the above amenities except kids activities - could this be Coronado? I'm looking for a disney resort preferably Animal kingdom. Thanks for your help.
  3. I decided to not take the risk with the Priceline $286, booked Pop Century instead. Thank you for your help.
  4. Thank you so much and yes, Hotwire is Animal Kingdom Lodge which I have already booked for a few days before the 19th, thanks to you guys, but wanted to extend my stay for cheaper. I may wait and see on this given the uncertainty vs the Hotwire one.
  5. Priceline has a 4 star hotel with Swimming Poll, handicap, restaurant and no smoking in Bonnet Creek for $286. It says last person got Hilton Bonnet Creek but since there is no mention of additional resort fees when I go to book, I am inclined to think this is a Disney property and not the Hilton or Swan. Could it be Animal Kingdom Lodge?
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