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  1. Hi, looking for some help as I've done NYOP several times for Vegas before but maybe the star ratings have changed? When I filter to 4* and 5* hotels in the Strip Southwest, there are no 4.5* hotels in that area (on search or express deals). But when I go to do NYOP and select Strip Southwest, is does give me an option to bid for a 4.5* hotel. I feel like it could be Delano? But they show Delano as 5* now (I feel like it used to be 4.5* before?) Mandalay is 4*, etc... Did they possibly upgrade Delano's star rating on the site but not on NYOP? I'm trying to figure this out because if it's Delano I'll only bid on one room since they're all suites, but if not I'd prefer to book two rooms, so of course will also determine how high I'm willing to bid.